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It’s been a while since we ran any competitions here at Vita Player so we thought that it was time to run our first competition of 2014 and as we’ve been running more than a few features and reviews for those of you who love PlayStation Mobile lately, we decided to do something that would link in quite nicely with that…

While there are plenty of great games available for PlayStation Mobile, as a rule they don’t take up a particularly large amount of space on PS Vita memory cards. Add to the fact that the PS Vita still has the 100 Icon Limit that restricts how many games you can install to your memory card at any one time and it makes collection PSM titles alongside native PS Vita games rather limited. Even if you don’t own any physical retail games, you are limited to a maximum of 80 downloadable games on any single memory card so larger memory cards prove to be a problem for smaller PSM games… even more so when prolific developers like Mike Oliphant and Thomas Hopper regularly release games that only use 10 – 20Mb of space!

The solution? Fortunately, as the PS Vita can use more than one memory card you can simply swap your primary memory card and dedicate a smaller 4Gb card for PSM and – if you own any – Minis and not worry as much about hitting the limit. It’s not perfect but at least it makes as much use as possible out of the available 3.6Gb of free space on the card. And this is where we come in now here at Vita Player…

In our latest competition we are giving away not one but THREE 4Gb PS Vita Memory Cards as part of some accessory bundles for the console. Each of these bundles features a 4Gb Memory Card, a pack of screen protectors and a GAMEware Link and Charge Cable – a total package worth over £20!

Vita Player 4Gb Memory Card Accessory Bundle Prizes


We will be announcing the winners on the site shortly. Good luck to everyone who entered!

We’ll compile all of this information submitted as part of the entries for use in some upcoming features on the site and to help us develop some of our Top 10 guides, so all of your answers will help us to improve the site!

As we did state in an earlier update to this, approximately one-third of the entries that we received were sadly disqualified becaused these failed to submit any votes for any favourite games in any of the categories listed. Some also submitted favourite games that were not for the PlayStation Vita and were again disqualified for not following the competition’s rules.

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