Classic PS Vita Games You May Have Missed


The console may now be discontinued in the West  but that doesn’t mean that the PS Vita can’t offer any more gameplay for its fans, in fact this could not be further from the truth. I am still actively spending money on Vita games and whenever I get a nice poker win on Novibet, I love nothing more than investing my winnings on a new game to play on the go. If you are still true to your PS Vita, here are some of the best games that you may have missed from the Vita’s early catalogue of releases that are worth hunting down so check them out if you haven’t already.

This game takes place in a quiet Japanese town where people are mysteriously vanishing, only to turn up dead some days later. You play the role of a student who lives in the village, who is struggling both with the demands of being a teenager, as well as the mysterious goings on which are taking place in your home town. Solve riddles and puzzles as you seek to uncover the truth in this RPG game which is one of the best that has ever been made for the Vita.

If you loved Little Big Planet then this is a game which you will also fall in love with, brought to your by the same creators, Tearaway is a game which uses all the power of the Vita to give you a beautiful and entertaining game. The premise of the gametes you moving through a world made of paper as you build, solve and advance your way through this fascinating game, using all of the technology which the Vita offers.

Gravity Rush

This brain twisting game is a 3D offering which sees you play as Kat, a character who can control gravity, and who is also an amnesiac. The idea of the game is for you to protect the citizens of your fictional town, finding ways to fall a into a variety of worlds as you go. This is also a deep game which will see you delve into Kat’s past, unearthing truths and events which will shape her future.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

As far as a premise of a game goes, this game from the makers of Zero Escape get things started straight off the bat. You will wake up in a locked facility without being able to remember what has happened or indeed, why you are locked up. Naturally you will need to work out what happened in order for you to escape this institution. This game follows something of an escape-room style narrative, whilst also offering a solid storyline and lots of flashback moments and essentially, a running novel throughout the game. The task is easy, you simply need to get out, working out how and why on the other hand, well that is something very different.

Despite their age, these games still hold up well on the Vita today and if you haven’t played any of them yet we’d recommend that you go out and buy them as soon as possible. While the physical versions are difficult to find for some of them, they’re often  discounted on the PlayStation Store so you could grab yourself a bargain!

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