Casino Industry Innovations You Might Have Not Heard Of

The internet is forever changing, and it changes everything in it at the same time. So, it’s no surprise to see that the iGaming industry has been improving more and more over the past few years. A lot of tech and software advances have made their way to the online casinos you’re using. For example, more of us are watching casino slot videos on our consoles. Read on to find out how these advancements are likely to change online casinos in the future.

Casino wearables

Wearables are greatly going up in popularity. The Apple Watch remains a go-to to complete the Apple ecosystem, with the tech company even looking to broaden their offerings by developing a ‘high-end’ version. Who knew so many of us wanted to keep track of our heart rate so much? And no one needs to point out how popular mobile gaming is. So with that in mind, it’s only natural to come to the conclusion that wearable gaming is likely to go up in popularity too.

This is prompted by the fact that several studios are already looking into experimenting with casinos that can be accessed – easily – from your smartwatch. Mobile gaming is already the biggest gaming industry, and the most lucrative, but with that mountain conquered, the next step is to look into wearables. Imagine being able to access your favourite casinos wherever you are in the world, without the need for your phone.

Crypto casinos

Casinos that allow for paying with a cryptocurrency aren’t new, but they’re sure to get a boost in the future. Thus far, casinos accepting cryptocurrency are limited to few and far between, and they only accept Bitcoin. However, online casino operators are looking into allowing Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others, to name but a few. Considering a few important nations, like China and India, are looking into a centralized digital national currency, it might be a smart move.

In the meantime, operators have been quick to notice the perks of offering a cryptocurrency option, mainly that customers like its swiftness. Customers can win on the slots and collect that day, sometimes within the hour, without having to wait the usual 3-5 working days for the bank to approve the transaction.

There is a lot of rising demand for safe, reliable, and regulated cryptocurrencies, and the gambling industry is likely to be at the forefront of that argument as one of the first industries to accept the new form of currency.

Safer online casinos

The gambling industry is going through a lot of changes in recent years. As the EU tightens regulations, the US opens sports betting up to the masses. In both instances, the need for safer online gambling is needed. As regulations tighten, we’re likely to see more online casinos following strict Know Your Customer procedures, as well as responsible gambling limitations that are to be imposed by the player, like personal limits, reality checks, self-exclusion, self-assessment questionnaires and more.

Live casino slots

We’ve had live dealers in just about every casino game known to man by now, and a lot that were made for purpose. Everything from blackjack to poker to Wheel of Fortune now has a live dealer equivalent, except slots. Why is that?

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that, thus far, a dealer isn’t really required to create a slot machine experience. We click spin, and the game spins. But it’s not like slots are strangers to recreating the casino experience as much as possible. Slot machines like Stakelogic’s Mega Player put the player back in the casino, despite feeling the comfort of their own home around them, with a cleverly rendered classic slot machine as the backdrop to the fun.

There are a couple of live dealer slots already on the market, like Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, which are popular for their fun premise with the combination of the live dealer spinning a money wheel. Maybe more of these will be just around the corner.

Virtual casinos

And history repeats itself. Just like the first websites on the world wide web were chat rooms and casinos, the first sites in the virtual world, with the invention of the Metaverse, are likely to be chat rooms and casinos.

Virtual reality has already taken off as a gaming option, but more than anything, casinos are the way to go. And we’re likely to see this expand as the virtual world becomes more and more mainstream. There will be more games made for the virtual landscape, more casinos to put them in, and more punters playing them.

Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

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