Casino Gaming Options For The PS Vita and PSP

If you love gaming on PlayStation, then you are likely to have one or more of the consoles and their versions. And today, when we like our tech to be portable, you probably have the PSP and the PS Vita that can provide gaming on the go. However, the PS Vita unfortunately has almost no casino games for you to enjoy. There are few of the titles that you can play in the offer, so let’s see which those are. However, most of these are not played for real money though, so if you’d like to earn some money you are better off playing with online casinos with live dealer.

Four Kings Casino and Slots

This title is actually a game for the PS4 console, but you can play the game on your PS Vita through the Remote Play capability. However, you will need a strong internet connection at home, both via cable and WiFi. Nevertheless, this title has several great casino games that you can play, including blackjack, bingo, slots, and roulette. And even though you have some great games here, you cannot play it directly on PS Vita. You still need a PS4 as an anchor in order to be able to play from afar (1,000 mile limit).

High Roller Casino

Another great title for your PS Vita when you have a need for new casino games on the road is this one from Farsight Studios. Actually, this is a Pinball Arcade game, but it has the High Roller Casino table as part of the game that you can play. The game itself is a pinball machine that has a few casino games that can be played when the ball lands in the right spot. The casino games that this arcade game includes are slots, poker, roulette and blackjack. But, don’t expect too much of the game because it is, after all, a pinball game with the casino theme.

Vegas Party

By the title of the game, you might think that it will give you a true Vegas casino experience, but you’re wrong. This game is only casino-themed and it is more a board game than a true casino one. There are some mini casino games in there that you can enjoy playing along the way, but that’s not what qualifies this game to be a true casino game that can satisfy your gambling cravings.

Those mini games that you can play in this game while moving around the board game include slots, blackjack and Texas Hold’Em. But those casino mini games are not the only ones added in this board game. You can also play skee ball and darts if you’d like.

Card Shark

Card Shark is probably the only true casino game for the PS Vita available as part of the Minis range. It features five different card games that you can play, including Texas Hold’Em, blackjack, five card draw and high or low. The last one is not necessarily a casino game, but high and low is still a game that is often seen on slot machine games.

PSP Games

There are other casino games that you can play on portable PS devices, including the Playstation Portable, or PSP. One of such games is Payout Poker and Casino and it features dozens of popular casino games, including craps, slots, baccarat, blackjack and Texas Hold’Em.

Another great title for PSP that you can download on Vita, too, is Hard Rock Casino. Hard Rock Casino features a few casino games, around 20 of them, including blackjack, slots, video poker and others.

As you can see there are just a few titles of casino games that you can play on portable PlayStation gadgets. So, if you’d like to experience casino gaming on these devices, try out some of these. But as soon as you miss the real thrill of true casino games and playing for real money, you can always check online casino sites.

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