Can You Play Online Slots on Your PS Vita?

The PS Vita quickly found a strong, somewhat cult following soon after it was released. The main reasons for this included its portability as well as its gaming capabilities. Despite being surrounded by other, more popular consoles, the PS Vita was able to carve a niche and become the go-to console for a lot of people. Naturally, people started wondering what you could and could not do with the handheld console. A common question was whether the PS Vita can be used to play online slots. Today, we are going to look at whether it can and how you can go about playing casino games on it if it is possible.

The Vita’s Browser?

When it comes to casino games, traditionally these would be played directly through the operator’s website or using an app downloaded to your mobile device of choice. For quite some time, websites based their games around the use of Adobe Flash, making them impossible to run on the PS Vita as the console had no support for the software. With Adobe’s decision to abandon support for Flash, sites switched over to HTML5 and Javascript. While this has opened up some websites for the PS Vita, its web browser is extremely dated and underpowered.

The reality is that the Vita’s in-built browser is ten years old and has limited functionality. Even back when the Vita was released it was primitive compared to its PC counterparts, but now it is rudimentary at best. The Vita struggles with most HTML5 or Javascript based sites and games, and the same applies to casino sites. It is generally a case of try and see but expect to be disappointed.

Can Apps Be Installed?

When it comes to the apps themselves, the Vita is the same as any other console and simply isn’t supported. While there are casino and slots games available to download from the PlayStation Store for the Vita, these are only for fun. Anything run by an actual casino would struggle to be approved for release by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The best options really are to look to the games already released either for the Vita, the PSP (Hard Rock Casino is our favourite) or some of the titles from the Minis range. For a more unusual take on the genre, the Japanese exclusive Slotter Mania series is also worth a look, although you may need help with the translation of these.

The Alternative

When it comes to playing online slot games on any mobile device then really you have to look towards Android and iOS. Fortunately there are lots of game publishers who have made their games compatible with both platforms and, to install them, you only need to go to the developer’s website and install the games using links provided if you don’t want to search your respective app stores. There are also links available on the official website of many casinos that you can use to download the games you would like to play.

Mobile Browsers

If you’re not sure about downloading apps to your mobile, you can play online slots on your preferred browser. All you need to do is navigate to the websites of the casinos you would like to play at. In addition to doing an online search, you can also find the best online slots and the casinos they are available on by reading online reviews. The apps will give you a better gaming experience and better performance tailored to your device though and is just as secure as the sites themselves but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

But when you do go down the browser route, ensure that you choose casinos that give you great bonuses for signing up. These signup bonuses can be combined with slots that give you lots of winning chances such as the Betfair Slots. These slots have lots of great features and bonus gameplay that, when combined, lead to bigger winnings than if you played other online slots.

Accounts, Deposit and Withdrawals

Online casinos have made a lot of effort in ensuring that their casinos and games are compatible with mobile devices. Although many of these developments are geared towards giving those playing on smartphones a great experience, they also help improve the experience of those playing on handled devices. This means that creating an account, depositing and withdrawing cash should work the same way it would on a mobile device.

The one thing you should be prepared for is verifying your casino account and setting up 2-factor authentication as required by some casinos. You might need another device that allows you to read emails so that you can complete the account verification. Additionally, you might not be able to set up 2-factor authentication for your account through the PS Vita and so you might have to use another device for that.

Depositing funds to play online slots as well as withdrawing your winnings is straightforward too. You need to ensure that you have an electronic payment method ready to make both of these processes as easy and straightforward as possible.

Free Slot Games

If you do not want to play at a casino, you can always install free slot games through third-party software. Because these games are not connected to any casino, there are no deposits to deal with. This is a great way to try some slot games and this is an option you can think of with your Vita or PSP if you just want to check our some of the games on the store without risking any real cash.

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