Can You Play Online Casinos on Your PS Vita?

There is no doubt that casino games are very popular among those who love enjoying a gaming session on the go. Apart from smartphone devices, there are other capable handheld devices that players can enjoy casino games . But with its power and flexibilty the question is often asked whether or not the PS Vita could extend beyond it’s traditional role. We all know how well it plays games, and that it’s also pretty nifty as a music and video player. But can you play online casinos on your PS Vita?

Playing on the Browser?

While it’s not the Vita’s biggest selling point, most of us are aware that the PS Vita can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and has a rudimentary web browser built in. When it was still in use, one of the biggest omissions from the browser was support for Adobe Flash, meaning that the console struggled with most interactive websites. Yet despite most players who choose to access their favourite casino through the browser and play that way, this still isn’t possible with the Vita despite the industry moving away from Flash.

Sites currently use Javascript or HTML5 based engines and while the Vita can support these to a limited degree, performance is mixed. Some sites work but struggle and others fail to run at all. Sadly, the Vita’s age doesn’t help in this respect. Even if the Vita itself were able to run the games, you’d still be dependent on finding a secure wi-fi connection. While a percentage of Vita owners do have the earlier 3G model, this isn’t really suited for online gaming of any nature.

HENkaku To The Rescue?

When the Vita was finally hacked a few years ago, it was a gamechanging moment for the console. While some have attributed this to Sony’s change in stance towards the machine and it’s decline, others saw an opportunity… to give the Vita community to bring software to the platform. The homebrew community has already gifted some great new games to the Vita thanks to HENkaku and there seem to be new games announced all the time as well as a plethora of emulators for older consoles. But where things could be exciting is the potential to add a whole new range of apps to the platform.

There’s already a fan equivalent of Sony’s Content Manager software that is a vast improvement on the original. And with the limitations of the Vita’s browser, it’s crying out for a new homebrew release, maybe even a port of one of the open source browsers available. Certainly we won’t see any of the iOS or Android casino apps ported to the Vita but a new browser could be an option.

The Need for a Stable Connection

Now, if we were able to overcome the browser hurdle or find one that is Vita compatible, when you access online casinos on the PS Vita, that means that you have to play online. Therefore, you need a stable internet connection. The connection will help you receive the latest news on games and bonuses, get game statistics and, most importantly, play online casino games. There is no limitation to which Wi-Fi or cellular connection you can use as long as it is fast and stable enough. As I said before, 3G isn’t particularly suited for gaming so you’re left with using the Vita’s wi-fi connection but this means not only ensuring that you’re using a fast connection but also a trusted and secure one. And that’s easier said than done when you’re out and about and using free wi-fi hotspots.


Many of the online casinos that you can access through the PS Vita offer bonuses, usually welcome bonuses and bonuses attached to playing specific games. Welcome bonuses are usually very lucrative for new players because they can help players try out some games they would not have played otherwise. They also give players access to things like million Euro jackpots as well as bonus games that would otherwise not be available to players.

Some online casinos will offer VIP perks depending on the bonus codes you use when signing up. It is therefore a good idea for those who want to play online casinos on their PS Vita or other devices to find bonus codes that give them perks depending on the casino and games they are interested in. To get the best perks at UK online casinos, you can start by finding the best online casino bonus on this website. The website focuses on the best online casinos in the UK to help players get the best benefits and perks upon signing up.

There, you will find casinos that offer the best welcome bonuses, free spin bonuses, bonuses for mobile games, live casino and live dealer game bonuses, as well as other bonuses depending on the games you would like to play. You will also find a lot of additional information on the casinos that have been reviewed on the website.

Payment Options

To play online casino games and win some money, you need to deposit some money. Because you are accessing the online casinos through a browser, the deposit process is the same as the one you would use on a phone or computer. You need to have an electronic payment method ready and register for an account with the casino you are interested in. Once this is done, you need to go into the account and deposit the funds. Because you get a full casino experience when playing on the PS Vita, you can also deposit your winnings through the browser when you like. Most secure pages handling payment transactions shouldn’t require HTML5 or Javascript code that the Vita doesn’t like running so this part of most casino sites should be relatively plain sailing for most of you.

The PS Vita is an interesting handheld console that is also a very capable gaming machine. You can play different types of games on it, and if you’re interested hopefully some online casino games too. You only need to find casinos that have games that interest you and you will be good to go. Most have optimised their websites and games to be compatible with various portable devices including compatible handheld consoles and these are the ones to look out for and see if there are games you can try free before signing up to know if the sites are Vita friendly.

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