Best Titles for Casual Gamers on PlayStation Vita

One hidden appeal of the PlayStation Vita was its accessibility to casual gamers. Arguably, it was the last of the real handheld systems before the Switch came along and fused handheld and console gaming into one. The Vita had huge potential to grab the casual market occupied by Nintendo. Yet few games were released for the title aimed at this market.

Despite this, the games that did arrive were often of extremely high quality. Below, we give three of the best titles for casual gamers on the PlayStation Vita.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is part novel, part gaming experience. It operates in a similar way to a choose-your-own-adventure book, which was popular in the seventies and eighties. The game starts with a story, and you decide the actions of the people therein to help it unfold.

The game has several different narrative threads, split between school life and class challenge modes. Each plays slightly differently, with the class challenge being a ‘whodunnit’ of sorts and school life acting as more of a dating simulator. All this manages to take a premise that could get dull quickly and turns it into something much more engaging. The characters are all well-written and soon you find yourself rooting for them and their progression.

Vegas Party

Vegas Party was one of the few casino games to make it onto the Vita. Yet instead of just presenting you with the standard casino games, it included a board game element that let you and four players compete for the crown of Vegas. You moved along the board, triggering smaller games as you did so.

Of course, all the main casino games are there such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. Each one is fairly comprehensive and will give you hours of playability. There is also a small selection of slot machines on offer.

The game was released in 2017 by the independent studio Funbox Media. However, it did not sell in great numbers, partly because it was released as the boom in iGaming was taking off. These websites offered a much more extensive handheld casino experience. has a huge range of the best ones for you to choose from, which they have carefully curated. Based on the selection and quality of games, it’s easy to see why console casino games could not keep up with the offerings of professional casinos.

Active Neurons

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Active Neurons is a brain training game with a high level of innovation. The aim is to charge neurons in the brain by controlling the power of thought. The better you do; the better the person’s brain becomes, and the more fulfilled a life they live. Of course, all this is done to stimulate your own neurons using concepts of spatial awareness and critical thinking.

The puzzles are short, but not as simple as you may think. It has around fifteen unique mechanics with 120 logical tasks that increase in difficulty. To get the correct direction you need to set the brain at rest, so have to utilise the obstacles provided in each stage. An extremely inventive game that did not get the praise it deserved.

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