Best Slot Games for PlayStation

PlayStation continues to thrill many portable gaming enthusiasts. With a variety of games to be played and an increasing support for portable gaming consoles by more games, you will be spoilt for choice when you pick up your PlayStation Vita console.

For those who enjoy gambling – even in gaming, you will find limited slot games to keep you engaged. The PS Vita, like the PSP before it, seems to have had little success convincing casino game producers to come aboard.

Although the portable console is not really a mobile device or a PC – the two major devices for which casino games are developed, it remains surprising that its portability does not seem to count favorably. If you want to play slot games on your PlayStation portable console, you will have to make do with the few available games that do not use real money. At least, you won’t be losing any cash.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Available directly for PS4 users from the PlayStation store as a Free To Play release, The Four Kings Casino and Slots has a pure focus on casino games. Gamers will find more than six games in this compendium, including Slots, Bingo, Roulette, etc. To enjoy this slot game away from the confines of the PS4, Vita users will have to use the Remote Play option either in the home or for the more adventurous with a good internet connection to their home console using the Vita’s wi-fi capability and a suitable hotspot. It has been known to work well for well over 1,000 miles away so potentially this wouldn’t be a major hindrance for the determined gamer! And you will have the option of adding as many as 48 players.

High Roller Casino

This is one of the better tables released by Farsight Studios for their superb Pinball Arcade, and as with all of the releases if you’ve already purchased this table on your PS3, you do not have to buy it again as it is a cross-buy release on the PS Vita. Your virtual character will be a high stakes gambler with more than enough money to burn, eliciting the glamor of Las Vegas. The playing field will include a Slot Machine, Roulette Wheels, Blackjack, Craps, etc. With its powerful graphics and remarkable background audio effects, you are sure to be engrossed once you begin.

Payout Poker & Casino

Released for the PSP (and PS2) by Namco, Payout Poker & Casino is a collection of 12 games, and allows you create a personalized character with just the kind of physical features you desire. But that’s not where our interest lies. You will find 4 of the most exclusive casinos in the world among your options, and you will have a wide variety of gaming options, including Texas Hold’em, Slots, Craps, Blackjack, and more. With options for Single Player, Multiplayer and Party Play, you can enjoy the game in the company of a few real or virtual friends.

Lovers of casino games do not currently have much to enjoy on either of their portable PlayStation consoles. Despite the widespread use of these consoles and the advancing improvements in the PS Vita, compared to previous iterations, casino game developers are yet to truly buy into it. The games above (along with others that have been released for the PSP) provide you with valuable options. But you might have to do with mobile or PC gaming options for now if you require something different from the above.

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