Best PS Vita games for late adopters

Velocity 2X

Sometimes the Vita community can feel like something of a closed system – a little like a secret club, inhabited by aficionados who know the games and their quirks backwards, and can only look forward to whatever new releases might periodically be drip fed into the market.

It’s easy to forget that, while sales are less than spectacular compared to the number of handhelds that were shifting 10 years ago, the Vita is still on the market, and there are new gamers belatedly joining the ranks of the Vita faithful every day. Just for them, then, let’s take a look as some of the must-play games for those late adopters.

Destiny of Spirits

Sadly this superb release has been discontinued by Sony Interactive Entertainment now so late adopters to the PS Vita have missed out on this one. Despite having over a million downloads of this Free To Play game making it one of the biggest games on the Vita, Sony decided to bring the game to an end. The servers were taken offline with just one month’s notice taking the online only title with it.

Anyone who thinks social gaming was invented in the smartphone age was in for a surprise. This social strategy game was arguably one of the Vita’s crowning achievements. Regular visitors to casino sites like would have seen more than a passing resemblance to the Book of Ra deluxe, with its Ancient Egyptian symbols and imagery.

As I said, the game itself was been downloaded by more than a million users. Players had to collect and summon legendary spirits that correspond to their real-world location, and used those to cooperate with other gamers and defeat opposing teams. The location-based aspect to the game was a particularly nice touch. For example, as well as the Ancient Egyptian deities, there are spirits from Norse mythology, Native American folklore, Japanese Youkai Gods and many more.

Persona 4 Golden

It’s another classic Vita RPG and one that no discerning Vita owner can be without. The fact that it is often available on sale for peanuts is another nice bonus. The story is engaging and will keep you entertained for at least 100 hours of gameplay. This is really a game to be discovered by yourself, so it’s better not to go into too many spoilers. Fans of the genre say this is not just one of the best Vita games, it is probably in the top three RPG games on any platform.


The best games don’t just show imagination and technical skill. They also demonstrate that the developers have genuinely thought about the platform and how to squeeze the very most out of it. Tearaway is a perfect example of just how good Vita gaming can be. The screen is your window on a virtual world that is made entirely of paper. As you shift and tilt the handheld, you get new perspectives and allows you to interact with the environment in unexpected ways. It’s an absolute gem, and there has been no other game quite like it, either before or since.

Velocity 2X

This is a game that ticks all the boxes. It might not be as mind-bending as some of the previous entries, but if you want a fun, engaging and immersive game that combines top-down puzzles with running and flying action, this is the one for you. The game was actually released as a sequel to a game originally launched on PSP, but you don’t have to have played that to get the hang of what is going on.

Final Fantasy X / X2

Every gamer has his or her own favourite iteration of the Final Fantasy series. This double entry in the Vita Canon is definitely one to include. There’s a total of around 100 hours of gameplay to keep you occupied, as you guide Tidus on a quest to seek out his missing father, and at the same time, rid the world of the Sin plague.

Those new to the Vita will probably be surprised at just how many great titles there are to choose from. The above will definitely set them off on the right path.

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