Best PS Vita Co-Op Games for a Romantic Date

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The PS Vita remains one of the most popular handheld devices on the gaming market today because of the variety of titles and ability to play with others. Anyone that has dated a gamer knows that integrating games into your relationship will strengthen the bond between you. As such, we’ve come up with a list of the best PS Vita co-op games for your next date; check these out.

How to find a partner who shares your gaming passion

Finding a gaming partner isn’t always easy, and no one wants to end up in a relationship where the other person despises your hobby and everything that comes with it. So your first quest is to make sure that your partner not only doesn’t mind you playing videogames but also is ready to join you. The question is how and where to find such people. Sure, you could chat with someone at a video game store or meet someone on dedicated forums, but who says they are single? In such a case, the good idea is to utilise an online dating service that allows you to seek out people based on their passions as an individual. Let’s take Uptoflirt as an example. Dating platforms of such type make it easy to sift through members to find single people who love games and gamers who also live nearby. Thanks to the unique searching algorithms and the simplicity of use, anyone can narrow down their search and connect with those individuals who share the same hobbies, – like gaming in our case. Everyone you meet on the site is going to be single, as people here always seek romantic relationships, ready to have a good time, and, if you have configured your search filters correctly, is definitely going to love games. You can match up with someone, find out what kind of games they enjoy playing, and then have a wonderful romantic experience.

Why co-op games can complement a perfect date

What is it about the co-op games that make them such a good date idea? After examining the situation carefully, we can infer several reasons gamers are more successfully having video game-based dates. For one thing, dating while playing a video game takes away a lot of the pressure that comes with romance. Most people on a first date already feel under pressure, and it’s hard to get to know them or be yourself with a relative stranger. That’s not all, of course. Video game dates allow people to test their compatibility since they have to work together to complete a goal or compete against one another and it can be a perfect icebreaker. That gives you immediate insight into someone’s personality and the way they view others. Lastly, going on a video game date allows you to save some money and time. You play games from home using the PS Vita’s co-op mode, have a few drinks and dinner, and dress nicely. If the two of you met each other on a dating site, then you practically spend no money on dating and have a fantastic experience while you’re at it! As you can see, having a co-op video game date can be a rich and rewarding experience for you to have with a fellow gamer.

Suggested PS Vita titles for a date

Now that you know why it is such a good idea to have a video game-based date, you should think about what sorts of games are the best to play for that purpose. With that in mind, we have come up with a list of the best five games you should think about playing with your partner. We have chosen these titles for many reasons, including that they are easy to play for two people and have a meaningful co-op mode.

  • Nidhogg

If you want to let your competitive side come out, we’re huge fans of Nidhogg. The multiplayer combat game takes inspiration from classic sword fighting movies and is one of the games based solely around this type of combat on any platform.

  • Helldivers

If you’re looking for a game that is a little more serious, then Helldivers is the one for you. This game requires a good amount of teamwork and planning so that you can get through this top-down shooter. The difficulty is rather high, and you can play this game across platforms. There’s a lot to love.

  • Table Top Racing

Reminiscent of the 16-bit racer Micro Machines, this is a great multiplayer Racer that puts you in control of miniaturised vehicles racing across household environments. As the name suggests, you can find yourselves racing around kitchen tables, the lounge and avoiding all manner of obstacles while outwitting your partner and the other AI controlled cars on each track. Amazing fun.

  • Terraria

This is a building game that has a little less at stake than the others on this list. The game is 2D, lets you build with someone or face off against them in PvP, and is a sandbox world. You can build, fight, and start all over again with this procedurally generated game.

  • Resogun

Resogun is a nice shoot-em-up game that puts the players in the shoes of a fighter pilot tasked with freeing other humans. The game has lots of weapon choices and beautiful graphics.

Video games are always a good option for dates for a lot of reasons. When you have the right PS Vita titles available to you, then your date will be even better. Show your partner you have good taste and love working to dominate problems with them by choosing any of the five games we mentioned here!

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