Best Playstation Vita YouTube Channels

Obviously, it’s hard to find a YouTube channel that covers the Playstation Vita now as they did back in the Vita’s hayday. It’s been a long time since we were at the peak of the handheld’s lifespan, of course. But regardless, there are certain content creators that have been really great at producing Vita content. Here are some of my favorites.


Our huge friend 2Old4Gaming is a #VitaIsland citizen of the highest regard. Not only does he make great YouTube videos, but he even wrote books about the Playstation Vita!

He’s definitely one of my top Vita YouTubers so if you’d like to watch some Vita videos, just head onto this link and you have literally HOURS of Vita content to enjoy on 2old4gaming’s channel!


One of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, MetalJesusRocks covers the Playstation Vita avidly. He released his latest Vita video just a month ago, and it’s one of those “hidden gems” videos that actual Vita collectors “hate” because prices always shoot up after one of these.

There are dozens of Vita videos on JesusMetalRocks’ channel that you can find by following this link. Though he’s not as focused on Vita as 2old4gaming, he’s perhaps even more prolific these days. As I mentioned before, his last Vita video was only one month ago.

Wulff Den

A bit less prolific on the Vita things than MetalJesusRocks and 2old4gaming, Wulff Den covers some interesting topics like homebrew that usually only smaller channels cover right now.

Perhaps less to watch here, but still quite a few hours to enjoy if you look for Vita videos on their channel. Just click this link and get bingeing!

That Video Games Show

A lot of “Best Of” videos are out there, but some of my favorites are made by That Video Games Show. They have great videos about best looking Vita games, hidden games, and so on.

There are actually tons of videos about the Playstation Vita and PSP on the channel, and the pacing is always great. Definitely one of my favorite listicle-type content creators. You can check as many videos as you’d like on their channel by following this link.

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