“Back in 1995” launches TODAY! for Vita (and other platforms, if you’re into that)

PSX and Sega Saturn-inspired “Back in 1995” releases today on the Playstation Vita and other platforms are to follow shortly. What is this game, you ask? Here’s a quote from the developer:

Hello! I’m an indie game developer living in Tokyo.

Do you dig ‘retro graphics’ indie games? I do.

Many retro-themed games are still developed by indie studios for big publishers, which is good. However, the modern rendering techniques used in such games do not provide the unique feel of those early 8 bit and 16-bit titles.

Several years ago, I was an avid gamer who spent a long time on the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn. This was my first experience with video games.

Witnessing the first stages of the development of polygon graphics, and immersing myself in their lo-fi aesthetic was exciting.

Here in 2015, some might think it’s still too early to label those games “retro.” Yet many fans around 25-35 years of age feel something about those stylistic graphics strangely nostalgic, and appealing.
( Postscript March 2018: These days, some of indie game creators has started making PS1-ish retro-style games. I’m so happy, and proud it. )

I’m trying to replicate the unique feeling of those early games. The first trailer for “Back in 1995” is an alpha version. As it develops, I’ll try to make it truly representative of those awesome oldskool graphics, sounds, and effects.

Sincerely, Takaaki Ichijo

So, it looks like if you have a soft-spot for the mid-90s (and who doesn’t? It gave is “Friends”, “Seinfeld” and Keanu Reeve’s “Speed”), this is the game for you! Have a gander at the trailer, and be sure to order your physical copy from PlayAsia: Back in 1995 [Limited Edition] PLAY EXCLUSIVES

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