Are Loot Boxes a Benefit or Disaster of Modern Games?


The advent of loot boxes is a disaster of modern games. They have made modern games to be more inclined towards profit making instead of gaming quality. Perhaps you may be wondering, what are loot boxes? These are prizes or random awards that players can buy to enhance their gameplays. Different games have different awards in the loot boxes, and most of them don’t reveal what is in the box. Hence, you simply have to buy and hope that it is worth it.

The prizes that can be in the loot boxes include player avatars, costumes, free games, access to restricted gameplays and even easier advancements to higher levels of the game. This can lead to players over-depending on these items to progress in the game. Hence, the thrill of the gameplay is virtually reduced. Players no longer have to struggle to play, they just need to have enough cash to spend.

These loot boxes are equating various modern games to gambling games. Well, they may not be as straightforward and interesting but the concept is basically the same. Use your money to get a prize though you are not sure how big. The fact that you can get something you don’t need is similar to losing in slots.

How Is It Disastrous to Players?

Players are the main victims of these loot boxes. First and foremost, they lose a lot of money trying to get the desired present from them. When they don’t get what they want, they simply buy more and more. The end result will be the investment of a lot of money with the aim of hitting the jackpot.

Most developers do not disclose any information about the contents of their loot boxes. Hence, gamers will be forced to gamble with them while looking for the desired items. This is a very cost-intensive way of playing video games.

Also, the money aspect of these games could impact on the quality of games. Initially, developers were committed to providing intriguing games. The main priority was the gameplay and not any financial aspect. These loot boxes will force them to get loopholes that they can use to make money. Hence, the best gameplays can be restricted in order to be sold in loot boxes. This will definitely impact negatively on the quality of games.

The price of buying a game should be inclusive of everything. Hence, these things that are restricted and bought in loot boxes should ideally be there in the game. The increase in popularity of them will lead to the restriction of the majority of thrilling elements of a game. Players will, in turn, pay a lot of money in in-game purchases.

The long periods of time players spent trying to hack these games will be replaced with money. You will no longer have to play severally to move quickly through the stages. All you will need is enough money to buy your way through the game. Therefore, are these modern video games or casino games?

Why Do Developers Value Loot Boxes?

The aim of any business is to make profits. Many people would argue that quality comes first, but this is only possible in the ideal world. The real situation is that these developers and publishers have to get a return on investment. Unfortunately, the gaming industry has stagnated for a long time. Therefore, the prices of their products have remained flat for a long time. This has impacted on their profits considering the prevailing economic times.

Most of the games that are produced are a sequel to their earlier versions. Hence, the prices have to be comparable. They cannot be exaggerated all of a sudden after just a year. So basically, these loot boxes have become increasingly popular due to financial reasons.

What Is the Solution for Gamers?

These loot boxes are certainly disastrous to gamers. They are taking away the fun of gaming and making it cost ineffective. These video games are played by people of different age groups. Where will the young lads get money to acquire in-game purchases? Should parents be concerned about this advancement?

The best solution to this problem is to boycott these products. The only reason why they are becoming popular is that people are buying them. They have grown into a vibrant business for game developers and publishers. If all players gang up and decide to boycott, they will certainly become worthless, and the fun of gaming will be renewed.

Another solution could be government interventions. These loot boxes have been likened to gambling because of the use of money to get unpredictable things. The argument that they are voluntary is the reason that enabled them to brave that storm.

However, these things are becoming popular, and soon it may be impossible to play these games without buying the loot boxes. This will disqualify the argument of being voluntary.

Therefore, legislative actions may be taken against them. However, this will take an unpredictable amount of time and concerted efforts from various quarters. Hence, it can only be realized in the future. The most viable solution is not to buy them. If this is done, they will be forced into total obsolescence.

Loot boxes have become common in the gaming industry. They seem to be causing more harm than good to players and taking away the real gaming entertainment. The cost-benefit ratio seems to be inclined to the cost and not the benefit. Hopefully, they will be stopped in the near future.

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