Arcade Classic Q*Bert Springs Back Into Action On The PS Vita

Q*Bert Rebooted PS Vita

The seminal arcade classic, Q8Bert is set to make his return on the PS Vita, alongside the PS3 and PS4 when an all-new game, Q*Bert Rebooted hits the PlayStation Store next month courtesy of Gonzo Games, Sideline Amusements, Games Production Company and LOOT Entertainment…

The new release features two complete versions of the classic game – the original release familiar to retro game enthusiasts (and those of us out there who are old enough to remember Q*Bert from his first outing in the arcades and early home ports), and a brand new updated version. The original pyramid platformer is present in all it’s glory but the new update has thrown in a new twist swapping the cubes we’re all familiar with for hexagons! While this may seem like a simple change to the game, it’s allowed the developers to create a myriad of new level designs adding a whole new dimension to the game!

There are also new game modes on offers, a choice of playable characters and much much more for you to discover! It’s not the first time that we’ve seen Q*Bert on the PlayStation (after his appearance back in 1999 and subsequent re-release as part of the PS One Classics range through the PSN Store) but this should delight fans of the original and bring Q*Bert to a new audience of gamers who only know him so far from Wreck-It Ralph…

This is one we’re looking forward to!

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