Aqua Kitty DX brings more ‘Defender’ action to the Vita

Playstation Mobile launch-title ‘Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender’ is returning to the PS Vita and PS4 later this month in the form of the enhanced ‘Aqua Kitty – DX’.

The Pixel-art ‘Defender’ clone received some excellent reviews when it first launched on the PS Mobile service. The titular hero takes to his submarine to rescue scientists on an endlessly scrolling field of play that loops infinitely.

The game, which is produced by Tikipod Ltd, has been graphically enhanced and also contains a number of additions including extra directional fire buttons, new bosses, a new easy mode and a new ‘arcade’ mode adding elements of Gradius to the game.

‘Aqua Kitty DX’ is due to hit the Playstation Store on 26 November.

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