An interview with Death Door’s Mark Foster

Death’s Door is a new video game that launched on Pc and Xbox and people had a lot of questions, comparison about it. In an Interview with Mark Foster, the co-creator of Death Door spoke about this new game especially on the concept behind it. The reason for this is because most people kept comparing this game with Dark Souls. Foster agrees that even though the game has similar combat and gothic atmosphere it’s different from Dark Souls. Foster pointed out that game comparison has become very common today and it’s something that is generally acceptable. In the making of the game, Fenn and Foster brainstormed ideas on how they can make a game that is distinctly different from any other previous game.

Foster added that the earlier version of Death’s Door was not rough and there was no crow. However, to spice it up they included a rough crow. When they pitched the idea of the concept for this game they were able to get the funding that they needed for an action-filled game with a rough model of a crow. Foster points out that how the game ought to be is that they just had ideas and they try them out to see if they work. He makes a comparison of the ideas like growing a plant where you water it, watch it grow, and regularly prune it to allow it to grow better. Foster also talked about them getting inspiration from games which they love as a starting point of their inspiration. He points out that he took inspiration from Dark Souls and then looked for ways to progress those ideas in a modern way. He was quick to point out that there is a slight similarity between these two games as all games are related.

Titan Souls, Mark Foster’s previous game released on the Vita

Foster also mentioned that Death’s Door is different in the sense that it challenges convections. This is because as much as it contains a dark environment and an aggressive look it’s much gentle. This is because once you die, or lose a soul you do not go back to the start but rather to the last door you visited. The game also has a lot of shortcuts and gives you a lot of clues. For instance, if your health is low, you can see places where you can heal and restore your health. Foster says that from the outside the game looks like a punishing one but it’s actually much gentler. This is because even the soundtrack has gentle melodies, and the game is more appealing graphically. Foster also said he was not for the idea of a punishing game where you lose everything once you die but something he himself would enjoy playing. He concluded by saying that he wanted a game that any player regardless of experience can play. This is because there are those players with no experience that get frustrated and leave the game after dying like 20 times. He wanted something challenging and at the same time easy to play.

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