Accessories: PS Vita Travel Case (PS Vita)

Unlike the PSP which came with a padded case, the PS Vita comes packaged relatively unprotected. When you open the box for the console, all you get with it is the console itself and the power lead / USB cable and that’s it. There’s nothing to actually protect the Vita itself apart from a flimsy wafer-thin foam sleeve which will barely protect the console from scratches but won’t manage to do anything else. Because of this, and the lack of other bundled accessories, you’re going to need to look elsewhere to make sure that your Vita is protected both at home and on the move…

4Gamers believe that they have the solution with this officially-licenced Travel Case for your PS Vita. From the outside it looks simple enough – black with a coloured flash at the top, a carry strap and a zip holding the two halves in place to what seems to be a quite well-padded case. Despite being a fabric and foam based case, from the start you get a feeling that your Vita is going to be well protected and it feels sturdy enough. When you open the case up, this is where you really see what it has to offer…

The main comparment is designed for the Vita itself and is a nice snug fit with padding all around. While some of the padding here is a little thin, it’s more along the edges of the Vita and this isn’t too great an issue because the outer case has a protruding ridge that will offer a secondary amount of protection should you ever drop the console. Underneath the Vita is padding and then there is a layer of padding attached to the case that lies on top of the console as well.

The centre of the case acts as a game carrying pouch and features slots for up to five cartridges. While most gamers will have more than this in their collections, this should be enough storage if you are taking the Vita with you on the move anywhere. The final compartment, which can be secured with velco tabs, can be used for any accessories you may want to take with you – headphones, USB lead, or if you have one, a game carrying case.

This is a great little case. It’s stylish, offers superb protection to your Vita and is ideal whether you use it at home or on the move. I’m currently using mine as my primary storage for my Vita any my entire collection – 8 game cards in a storage case, 2 additional memory cards in the game holder, my AR Play cards (although these don’t fit if you use the original wallet they come in) and the PS Vita itself so you can see it can hold a pretty hefty amount! The only thing I need to carry around separately is the power supply.

If you need a storage case for home or on the go, then you can’t go wrong with this and it should be an essential purchase for any Vita owner. It may mean a delay in buying a game for the console or choosing this instead of a game from the PSN Store, but it’s a purchase that you won’t regret.

Simon Plumbe

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