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Indie Games Mega Pack PS Vita

With the apparent shortage of AAA titles for the PS Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment have made concerted efforts to bring an extensive and diverse range of high quality indie games to the Vita over the last two years. In that time we’ve had everything from platformers to racing games, puzzlers to RPGs and many at budget prices but for some the thought of buying games from smaller studios has been off putting. In a move to showcase the range available and following on from some of their other game / memory card bundles that have been released so far for the Vita, Sony have now released a bumper pack of games combined with a 4Gb memory card as part of the Indie Games Mega Pack…

Upon opening the pack you find a now standard 4Gb Memory Card along with a voucher. Rather than pre-installing all of the games, instead the pack comes with a code that you need to redeem through your PSN account which then allows you to download the bundled games directly to your PS Vita. In total there are ten indie games included with the pack and there truly is an astonishing selection on offer from a range of developers. Once you use the voucher you’re able to download:- Alien Breed, Thomas Was Alone, Velocity Ultra, Men’s Room Mayhem, Coconut Dodge Revitalised, LIMBO, Hotline Miami, Total Recoil, Superfrog HD, and Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD!

I won’t go into too much detail about the games themselves as we’ve reviewed most of them already here on Vita Player but for your money you’re getting two remakes of classic Amiga games, a BAFTA winning platform game, an incredibly atmospheric horror platformer, scrolling shoot-em-ups and the incredibly unique Men’s Room Mayhem which just defies description. The chances are that you’ve played or own at least one of them, read reviews of most and certainly have heard of most. Even if only a few of these games appeal to you it’s a pretty safe bet that there is something that will appeal to everyone no matter what your taste in gaming is. While there are some games genres that are missing from the games on offer, there’s only so much that could be included but for the asking price I don’t think that Sony could have offered much more.

And that neatly brings me onto the cost of the package… The whole bundle has an RRP across Europe of €24.99 and even if UK stores push this price to the limit and have supply issues I would say that you won’t have to pay any more than £24.99 for this anywhere – less than the price of a retail game. If you decided to buy these games individually from the PSN Store at their normal price it would come to a combined total (at the time of writing this) of £48.90 so you’re getting this pack for half price… and that’s before even taking into the price of the memory card itself which would typically cost around £12 – £15. Words really can’t describe how astonishingly good value for money this is.

Even if there are just a couple of games in this bundle that you’ll find appealing to you, it’s still offering remarkable value for the memory card as well but with such quality on offer you could find yourself not wanting to play any other games on your Vita for some time to come after buying this package. Not trying to over-sell this but the games here really are that good. It’s easy playing these to see why Thomas Was Alone and Velocity Ultra are both award-winning games, both Alien Breed and Superfrog haven’t lost their timeless appeal following their makeovers and I dare anyone not to feel chills running down their spines while playing Limbo…

There is a downside however. If you choose to download all of these, they take up a total of just under 2,800Mb of space on the memory card. With the Vita reserving approximately 10% of the space of any memory card for the file system that leaves you with just 800Mb free for anything else you might want to download and install. That will be fine for another couple of indie games or a selection of PlayStation Mobile titles, but it does serve to show the severe limitations of the 4Gb cards and does make me wonder why Sony ever decided to produce them in the first place.

There are gamers out there who are dismissive of indie games on the Vita and who only purchase the “big name” titles and hold indie titles like these in low regard. As such this makes a fantastic introduction to what indie games have to offer and as an overall package there’s no denying what an incredible bargain this is. As I have said even ignoring the memory card, if this were sold at retail as just a collection of Indie games without the memory card it would be well worth the asking price but with the card as well it’s a must-have purchase, leaving you with space for a few more titles to boot… or if the indie scene has changed your mind about low budget titles, maybe you could even be tempted to use the remaining space to try out PlayStation Mobile next?

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