Accessories: Assecure 18 In 1 Game And Memory Card Holder Storage Case (PS Vita)

Assecure 18 In 1 Game And Memory Card Holder Storage Case PS Vita

One of the big problems with any handheld consoles is that of storage. While it’s great having such a powerful games system that you can carry everywhere you go, taking your games collection with you is another matter altogether. While you can certainly fill a memory card with a healthy collection of games downloaded from the PSN Store, it’s not quite as easy when you want to take your retail collection with you, especially if you’re like me and have a vast collection of games.

While there are PS Vita carry cases on the market with spaces in them for Vita game cartridges, they are limited in the number of games they can carry so you need an alternative… and Assecure have come to the rescue with their 18 In 1 Game And Memory Card Holder which is capable of holding a staggering 14 Vita games and 4 memory cards – more than enough for any gamer on the go… The case itself is quite compact coming in at about 70% of the size of a PS Vita game case and is of a clamshell design. Upon opening the secure clasp keeping it closed, there is the main holder located in the centre of the two halves secured in place by a plastic loop hinge.

There are two sides to the holder itself. On one side there is space for eight game cartridges and on the other is space for a further six along with slots for four memory cards. Each fits in securely and there’s no worry of any of them coming loose in transit. While each was a tight fit getting them into position and occasionally needed some leverage to remove them – especially the first couple of times using it – I never had any fears of damaging the memory cards or games while using it and the plastic used in the construction of the storage case seemed study enough.

The one I received was made from a semi-translucent blue plastic although other colours are available including black but personally I wasn’t too concerned over the colour but rather the functionality of the case and I had absolutely no complaints there and it’s now found a permanent place in my Vita carry case, even when it’s in use around the house rather than taking games off the shelf one at a time whenever I want to use them effectively giving me a complete games library at my disposal everywhere I go.

This really is an essential purchase for every Vita owner who uses their console away from home. Even if you have a carry case – like I do – that can store more than a couple of games in it, the ability to carry multiple memory cards as well as so many games makes this a must have purchase and means that you’ll never have to worry about making the decision about what games to leave behind when going on your travels. The only tough decision you’ll have to face is just what games you’ll actually want to play!

Simon Plumbe

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  • Product: Assecure 18 In 1 Game And Memory Card Holder Storage Case
  • Manufacturer: Assecure
  • System: PS Vita

The storage case is only available online from Assecure’s eBay Shop.

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