5 Classic RPGs That Are Still Awesome Today

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Being entertained can occur in different ways, depending on your preference and taste. Video games have been in existence for a long time, and they have shown advancement both in character development, graphics and features. Back in the day, video games were not quite as realistic as they are today. Due to the advancement in technology, the gaming world has evolved tremendously, making it cinematic and more fun.

RPGs are games in which people pick a fictional character and gain control of it to achieve a specific quest. These fictional characters can be made up, or they can take the place of an existing person. With the advancement in technology, you can approach these games in different ways. For instance, some will prefer to play these games on a PC while others will choose a smartphone. These RPGs have been used in competitions where people compete to complete a particular level in a given amount of time. This is all determined by your level of experience as a player and the number of tactics you have learned. The following are five classic RPGs that are still awesome today in the gaming world:

1. X-COM: UFO Defense

Relaxing your mind and giving it a new experience is one of the essential activities that you can engage in as a person. There are many ways that you can relax your mind for an excellent performance. Gaming has been regarded as one of the most effective ways to ensure that your brain is relaxed, yet exploring at the same time. You could try Common Sense Gamer, where you can get a variety of games, both classic and modern. It has considered all the odds of whether you are an adult or not. Gaming can be enjoyable, especially if you are doing it on professional levels.

In this case, X-COM is one of the best classic games on PC that still exist, and it is grouped as a strategy game. The main story behind this game is that you must organize troops and make your base, where you will use it to defend earth from aliens. This way, you must succeed in battles for you to proceed to the next level. With the modern remake that has been done, it is expected to be the best game anyone can use to relax the mind. Here, you gain full control of your soldiers that are defending the earth.

Final Fantasy

2. Final Fantasy

Arguably one of the most well known RPG franchises ever released and it’s something of a unique series. With well over 20 games released so far under the Final Fantasy banner with more on the way what makes the series remain fresh is that – with a few exceptions – each title can be played as a standalone game. Storylines are unrelated, and even game worlds are unconnected. While there may be common themes of good versus evil, certain creatures, character names and tropes present in multiple titles to ensure familiarity for fans to feel right at home, it’s possible for newcomers to jump in with any game without the need to read up on any of the lore of the series.

Despite several of the titles now having a modern remaster, including the latest remake being produced for the PlayStation 4 of Final Fantasy VII, for those wanting to experience as many of the original series as possible the PS Vita is still the best option available. Running the classic games under its PSP and PSone emulation, gamers can buy and play the first nine games in the series from the PlayStation Store as well as the Dissidia spin-off titles. That’s not forgetting the original Vita releases – World Of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered. Even for the hardened RPG fan, there’s enough to keep fans occupied for a long time…

3. Legend of the Dragon

Back in the days, video games have changed in a more advanced way. This does not imply that they are more fun to play. Some of these games have excellent features but are hard for the players to connect or understand. A good video game should have a theme that the players can rely on for it to be successful. Some of the video games in the past have bad features, yet easy to understand, which makes the game more exciting to play.

The Legend of the Dragon has proven to be a legendary game, which has passed through time, yet holds the record of one of the best classic video games ever to exist. Talking of RPGs, this was one of the first games to be released in 3D back in 2000 by Sony. It was designed to bring more cinematic features that seemed realistic to the player. It mainly deals with warriors being led by a particular character to fight wars between different nations. The Legend of the Dragons is still one of the best classic RPGs that you need to engage in for you to have an experience of throwback video games and their basis.

4. The Diablo Series

Changes are taking place, especially in recent years, where other things tend to fade away due to irrelevance. This has affected many fields greatly once they are unable to adapt to the trends. This can be seen in the gaming industries where digital migration has outdated many gaming sites that are available only on analog. However, some have been able to adapt, and they still exist until today.

The Diablo Series is one of the RPGs that still exist, and they get high commendations from classic game lovers. Despite its low graphic design that dates back in time, it has managed to express what heroism means in a game in a more realistic and cinematic manner. The game contains different levels that require certain skills for you to finish. The tactics help you survive the horrific action that comes from the attacks that you get as you go on with the levels. This makes the game still outstand other modern games.

5. Ys

The Ys series is legendary. Another with its origins in the 8-bit era, the franchise has evolved considerably over the years. Early releases saw a number of classic top-down games released exclusively in Japan for the PC Engine both on the proprietary HuCard format and CD-ROM. PlayStation owners weren’t able to experience any for themselves until over a decade later when the early titles were ported to the PSP alongside the first of many original games.

Vita owners, once more, are the ones who seem to be the real winners when it comes to experiencing Ys in all its glory. Not only are we able to play all of the PSP releases, but we have been blessed with several original releases as well. Moving away from the original top-down view, these full 3D titles have taken advantage of the PS Vita’s superior performance in ways the original developers could never have imagined. The first of these was Ys: Memories Of Celceta, followed by Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana and the the swansong on the console Ys: Origin.

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