22 More PS Vita Titles To Come From Limited Run Games!

Limited Run Games

Recently Limited Run Games stated that they were struggling with their physical game card allowances with Sony. As such, they were asking for help to meet their planned final releases for the PS Vita to avoid cancelling some of their last few games. However, in a surprise twist yesterday, Limited Run Games posted an update on Twitter about their upcoming PS Vita releases.

New Titles From Limited Run Games?

What is interesting about this statement, made without any real fanfare, is the fact that Josh Fairhurst states that most of these titles are as yet unannounced. Looking at the list of upcoming titles on the Limited Run Games website, there are only a handful of Vita games mentioned. On that list it’s interesting to note that a few are no longer listed as having PS Vita releases. No reason is given for these. This could be down to the aforementioned allocation issues or delays from developers.

What I am hoping is that this page is out of date and that allocations have changed to ensure that some of the games will now be added back to the Vita’s release schedule. Of note here is YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG (which seems to have been on the “coming soon” list for an eternity) which is now only scheduled for the PS4 and Switch. Also disappointing is Battle Princess Madelyn which is now listed as PS4 only, as are Nuclear Throne and Mercenary Kings.

Other Releases

Nothing more has been said but with just four PS Vita games on their upcoming releases page, it leaves us very curious and excited as to what the rest may be. With the announcement saying that these will be coming throughout the year, it’s clear that 2019 is still going to be another great (and expensive) year for Vita fans.

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