2013 – The Year Of The Vita?


We’re still in the first month of 2013 (well, only just) and we’ve all seen it for a while now – people being somewhat (and understandably) dismissive of the PS Vita’s future. It’s not hard to see why some people have written the console off already. With slow sales and a poor retail presence and very few games that are considered to be on people’s “must have” lists, the Vita still hasn’t quite set the world alight yet despite being the most technologically advanced handheld on the market.

We all know that Sony are planning to do something next month but for the PS Vita to really claw back some market share (and although it won’t ever overtake the 3DS it will still be able to have a healthy future), it needs to have a healthy line-up including those all-important killer apps that will persuade gamers to buy a Vita on the strength of those games alone.

Some doubters are saying that there is nothing new planned for Vita over the next 12 months, but just a quick look at what is on the way will dispel any concerns there. There are a lot of first class games heading to the console albeit in new ways. A lot of software is being released almost daily through the Playstation Store as digital downloads – something that we haven’t been used to before – and in the Vita’s case, the majority of software available for it right now is download only.

But for the future, we have the stunning Tearaway which is set to be just as groundbreaking as the first Little Big Planet was for the PS3 but now Sony have unveiled the first full trailer for Killzone: Mercenary through it’s official website. Whatever you may think of the Killzone series, this game looks breathtaking and is set to be the game of the year for the Vita. When it is released (and frustratingly it’s not scheduled until September), this game will sell consoles – it is that impressive. It looks just as good as Killzone 3 does on the PS3 and for many PS3 owners who have held back until now,  this could be the real decision-maker for many.

Being honest, if this is the quality we can expect to see now that developers have had time to work with the console for a year or so, then we could be in for a pretty spectacular year…

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