20 Must-Own PlayStation Minis

The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal (G5 Entertainment)

Usually more at home in the casual market on the PC, it’s quite strange to see a hidden object game on any PlayStation Platform, let alone a portable format with a relatively low resolution screen like the PSP. In an unusual twist to the genre, this is a story driven game that requires you to find mystery key items in each location referred to in the story that will then reveal details of the rest of the items that you have to find. Achieve all of this and the story will progress. It makes quite a change from the usual list of objects and makes the game more interesting for it.

Young Thor

Young Thor (Frima)

We’re all familiar – thanks to Marvel – of the legend of Thor, but what about his life as a young boy? Well Young Thor brings his early adventures (or a glimpse into what they might have been) to the Minis in this action packed 2.5D hack and slash platformer. It’s a fun game with plenty of action, depth, great graphics and sound and delivers a game that certainly offers a lot more than the price point would have you expect.  The only downside is that early levels can be repetitive when you need to replay them, just against different adversaries, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great hack-and-slash adventure.

Twin Blades

Twin Blades (Sanuk Games)

Zombies, nuns, guns and blades… If that sounds to you like a perfect mix for a great action game then you’d be right. Twin Blades is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash zombie slaying arcade game with some simply stunning anime influenced visuals. You’re in control of a scythe-wielding, gun-toting nun with a penchant for slaying the undead and if you’re after something that has a familiar arcade feel but with an unusual twist then this will be right up your street.

1000 Tiny Claws

1000 Tiny Claws (Mediatonic)

A pirate with a cursed sword, hordes of bug-like creatures everywhere… what on earth are you to do? Apart from keep fighting in this top-down arcade game! With a main story mode, extra game modes and enough grog to sink a pirate’s ship (okay, that last part was a big of an exaggeration), this is a great action game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Hotel Mogul

Hotel Mogul (Alawar)

I haven’t really included any time management or sim games in this list although there are quite a few available as part of the Minis range. It was hard to choose which ones warranted inclusion as there were quite a few I felt that were worth taking a closer look at, but of all of them, the one I found myself playing more than any of the others in my collection was Hotel Mogul from Alawar. While it’s not the deepest of games, it’s challenging and fun and has plenty of options and variety in the gameplay and level design to keep you engaged. It’s not an open-ended sim as some larger games are so it’s not for you if you don’t like the objective-based format, but if you don’t mind that then this might be one for you.

Disagree with our choices? Got any favourites we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

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