2 Players with Criminally High Ratings in FIFA 15

FIFA Football PS Vita

FIFA 15 was the last rendition of the popular EA Sports game which could be played on PS Vita. The game ranks as one of the best FIFA games ever to be released and for many FIFA enthusiasts only FIFA 08 and FIFA 07 are better than the last Vita playable FIFA.

However, as with all FIFA games, the 2015 version of the EA Sports product also had its shortcomings. The biggest mistakes as it always seems to happen with EA and FIFA were related to player ratings.

EA Sports is always under pressure to come up with as correct player ratings as they possibly can because the competition for customers is fierce in the gaming industry. Repeat the same mistakes year after year and you will soon see all of your customers play at NoviCasino online casino. The online casino industry is renowned for producing the most flawless games out there and it always waits to pounce on FIFA customers who are not satisfied.

Robin van Persie

The Dutchman’s career went on a downward spiral a couple of seasons before 2015, but the people at EA Sports seemed to be oblivious to this. The only explanation for van Persie’s criminally high ratings of 88 in FIFA 15 is that the person who made his ratings was a staunch Manchester United supporter.

The stats tell you all you need to know about van Persie’s form that year. The striker had only ten full games and scored meager 12 goals in the 2013-2014 season due to injuries and poor form. He never really recovered from his recurring knee problems and never managed to get anywhere near the form which won him the Golden Boot two seasons prior to the release of FIFA 15.

As such it is inexplicable how EA Sports made him the 11th best player in the world in a season in which Sergio Aguero left a much stronger impression than the Dutchman, but was still considered to be his inferior according to EA Games.

Radamel Falcao

Something similar happened with Radamel Falcao. The Colombian striker missed half of the season prior to the release of FIFA 15 and didn’t even appear at the World Cup due to his serious knee injury. That injury seemed to have really affected El Tigre’s confidence and ability as he never really was the same player again.

However, EA Sports people didn’t think that having an eight-month layoff will affect a player’s ability and confidence so they only downgraded Falcao’s ratings by a solitary point from 89 to 88. That surely goes as one of the biggest FIFA crime ratings in history, but it seems like the people at EA Games have been quite sympathetic towards the Colombian’s misfortunes.

Both Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas had lower ratings than the Colombian, even though they had a stormer of a season at Chelsea that year, while the handsome Monaco man scored only two goals in three appearances during the whole 2014-2015 season. And you wonder why PS Vita FIFA fanatics were angry at the ratings people at EA Sports.

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