16Gb PS Vita Memory Card Prices Slashed At CEX!

Regular customers at second hand video games store CEX will be used to fluctuating prices at the retailer. Unlike most outlets, their prices vary based not only on current market trends but also their current stock levels. As such, products that are traded in frequently can drop in price rapidly over a matter of days. Whole that can be great for the buyer, it’s not always great when you want to sell or exchange with the chain.

But now it’s working in the favour of PS Vita owners. Prices across the board seem to be dropping steadily for games, the console itself and accessories. One of the biggest shocks we have spotted this week is the price of 16Gb memory cards. Usually selling at a premium price brand new, CEX have been selling pre-owned 16Gb cards for £18-£22 in recent weeks. However, they have just slashed the price to an astonishing £12!

With PS Vita games starting at just £2 each and a growing range at under £10, there’s never been a better time to check the store out either physically or online. Even the PlayStation TV is a bargain at only £50 – a lot less than you’d expect considering the current demand for the microconsole.

We would speculate that this price drop across the board is as a result of the Nintendo Switch. With more and more gamers adopting the Switch as a platform sadly many Vita owners are selling up their collections. While some are buying second hand from stores like CEX, many are using the store as a way of raising cash to buy new machines. Either way, for those of us still sticking with the Vita, it’s giving us some great bargains in store.

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