100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 51 – Mussoumano Salvando As Latifas

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 051 - Mussoumano Salvando As Latifas

I know I’ve already included endless runners in this run-down before but looking at all of the PlayStation Mobile games that I own (and believe me, I own a lot of them!), I’ve found that it’s quite possible to own and enjoy several of the same genre as long as they are able to either bring something different to the table or have their own unique quirks that make them individual and Mussoumano Salvando As Latifas is no exception.

Developed using Unity, it’s a 2.5D addition to the genre and as with all games like this it needs a setting and this time it’s a desert theme. Our hero is running through countless arabic fortresses, rescuing latifas (young Arabic women), and collecting coins along the way. All you can do is jump to avoid any obstacles in your path. You’re aided by a few random pick-ups that appear to make life a little easier – flying carpets, coin magnets and several others but collide with anything and it’s game over. Any coins you pick up can be spent to customise our protagonist’s costume in any number of weird and wonderful ways!

Visually the game is an absolute delight to look at with some wonderful animation on the main character and fantastic backgrounds, there’s a great soundtrack playing throughout and as with all good endless runners it has that elusive “one more go” appeal that makes it hard to put down. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? Grab this right now!

Title: Mussoumano Salvando As Latifas
Developer: Maqna Interactive
Type: Endless Runner
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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