100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 49 – Delta Strike: First Assault

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 049 - Delta Strike First Assault

Earlier in this series I’ve talked about the run of classic Sega arcade games that have seen “tributes” released through PlayStation Mobile – classics like Out Run, Space Harrier, and Hang On… and this time it’s the turn of the flight-based rail shooter Thunderblade in the shape of Delta Strike: First Assault.

This was one of the earlier PlayStation Mobile games released to take advantage of Unity being made available to PSM developers and it certainly shows. Running quite an impressive 3D engine, the game runs at a reasonably impressive pace with great visuals, it’s a solid 3D aircraft combat game spread over a diverse range of levels with a number of planes at your disposal. You’re up against enemy gun placements, helicopters, planes and ground vehicles and it’s basically a case of surviving until you reach the end of each stage, earning enough cash to be able to buy new weapons and planes.

It’s nothing remarkably original, but what it does it does well and that’s what is important here. While Thunderblade was never Sega’s strongest arcade game, this is a more than competent shooter and is one that you should certainly take a look at while you still have time!

Title: Delta Strike: First Assault
Developer: Cerberus
Type: Shoot-Em-Up
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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