100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 48 – Super Duck!

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 048 - Super Duck

When you ask anyone who used to (or still does) own an Amiga to name their top ten games on the system, the chances are that Lemmings will be a part of that list. It understandable – the platform puzzler is genuinely one of the all-time classics and it’s clear that this is where the inspiration has come from for Super Duck!

As the title suggest, Super Duck! is all about ducks rather than our small furry friends and keeping in with the PlayStation theme goes back to the familiar rubber ducks we all know and love. Spread over a series of platform levels, the rubber ducks emerge from a doorway and it’s your task to guide them to the exit. Rather than turning each of the small yellow critters into builders, climbers and other creative types, you have to use our hero (dressed in his superhero outfit, of course) to pick up blocks to guide the ducks to their goal. To do this the blocks need to be positions so the ducks can either use them as platforms to jump on, to block their way, to block pipes that will transport them across the levels… whatever it takes. Once you’ve rescued all of the ducks you can head back into your own doorway before proceeding to the next level.

It’s a fun puzzle game, looks extremely cute (but not in a nauseating way) and just like Lemmings you quickly want to keep playing to try to progress through the game to save more ducks. The game is released as a trial with some levels available freely with the rest of the game being unlockable but it’s worth taking the plunge to grab the entire game – it’s a great platform puzzler and you won’t regret it!

Title: Super Duck!
Developer: Gamer Bear
Type: Platform Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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