100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 46 – Super Crate Box

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 046 - Super Crate Box

One of the earlier games released for PlayStation Mobile, Super Crate Box is still regarded by many as being one of the best titles released for the format and it’s easy to see why. It’s an incredibly simple concept and that’s often all you need for a great game. It’s a single screen platform shoot-em-up and the idea behind the game couldn’t be more straightforward…

Survival is the name of the game. You have a single life and you have to defend yourself against a never-ending stream of adversaries out for your blood. Starting with a relatively basic weapon, you have to collect as many crates as you can that randomly appear on the screen navigating the platforms to get to them. To help you, there are also random weapon drops that allow you to switch from weapon to weapon beit your default pistol, grenade launcher, machine gun, rocket launcher… you can get the picture. You can only carry a single weapon at any one time though so you have to grab whatever weapon you think will suit best depending on where you are on the screen at any given time.

Sounds simple enough? Well, it’s the pace of the game that makes it so frustratingly addictive. It never slows down for a minute and it has that essential “one more go” factor as you desperately want to try to get more crates than you did in your last game. With the added incentive that collecting enough crates unlocks additional levels in the game it only adds to the lure to keep playing, it all adds up to a game that you won’t be putting down in a hurry!

Title: Super Crate Box
Developer: Vlambeer
Type: Platform Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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