100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 45 – Emil’s Task

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 045 - Emil's Task

I’m a massive fan of role playing games, more specifically JRPGs, but there are times when there’s nothing more enjoyable than forgetting all about the plot and the character development and just spending some time enjoying some mindless dungeon crawling and if you’re looking for something with a generous helping of magic thrown in for good measure then you can’t go wrong with Emil’s Task…

Spread over a series of increasingly difficult bite-sized levels, you take the protagonist Emil (if you hadn’t already guessed his name) and you simply have to defeat all of the creatures inhabiting each of the areas you find yourself in using one of four spells at your disposal to attack with. At the start of each level you can only use one spell, which uses up magic points (that slowly recharge over time) and more spells become useable as you progress through the level which are more devastating but also drain your magic more rapidly. It adds quite a healthy strategic element to what would normally be a basic combat system and helps keep each level fresh and exciting to play. Between levels you can spend money that you have collected on items you can use during the game (health and magic potions), improving your character stats, and on learning new spells. You can only equip four spells at any one time so you need to think carefully about selecting a well-balanced arsenal to take into battle with you.

The graphics have a cute 16-bit feel to them but where the game really excels is in it’s playability. For a game that is lacking in the story department and one that focuses purely on the dungeon crawling side of the RPG genre, this manages to deliver the goods remarkably well and the developers have produced a solid entertaining game. The size of the levels are just right for you to be able to pick this up and play it at any time and for me, that makes this a perfect game for PSM and it’s one that’s not to be missed.

Title: Emil’s Task
Developer: InukageGames
Type: RPG
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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