100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 41 – Fuel Tiracas

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 041 - Fuel Tiracas

Despite being better known on the Vita for the breathtaking shooter, Velocity 2x, FuturLab made their PlayStation debut releasing games for the Minis range and PlayStation Mobile including this addictive futuristic puzzler.

Released to coincide with the launch of PlayStation Mobile, this frantic puzzle game is set on the planet Tiracas (those of you who have played Velocity 2X are now begining to realising where you have heard from before) and it’s your task to use the planet’s natural resources to provide fuel to power reactors operating atmospheric generators for the planet.

To do this you have to collect fuel cells using the touchscreen and then touching one of six fuel pods on the screen as they light up to fill the matching fuel tank until they reach a target level on their fuel gauge. It’s not as simple as it sounds though as you have several tanks to fill and they need to be balanced so you have to juggle fuel between them while watching the fuel levels drop slowly as you play. The fuel cells, unsurprisingly, are all colour coordinated and things get tougher as you progress through the levels so in later levels you need lightning quick reactions!

It’s not the biggest game on PSM with just 12 levels, but it’s one of the cheapest and it’s damn addictive to boot and while it may have a futuristic setting it’s a game that appeals to all ages as my daughter proved when I had to fight to get my Vita back after I let her loose on it!

Title: Fuel Tiracas
Developer: Futurlab
Type: Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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