100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 40 – Snake

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 040 - Snake

Nowadays we take all of the power and functionality of our smartphones for granted. The fact that our phones come complete with integrated cameras and video cameras that would have cost hundreds of pounds a few years ago is something that we think nothing of and the fact that we are able to not only use our phones for calls and texts but to play an incredible myriad of games is beyond the imagination of those of us old enough to remember the early days of mobile phones.

Back then, one of the most dominant companies in the mobile market was Nokia who made what were arguably the coolest phones on the planet. Were they stylish? Were they the most technologically advanced? Who know. But what Nokia phones had than the others didn’t was something that proved to be a massive hook back then… SNAKE!

While not quite a direct clone of the original, Philip Morby has taken the classic and kept the simplistic aesthetics but added plenty of content and variety to keep gamers occupied indefinitely. This version of the game not only offers four difficulty levels, two game modes (classic and time attack) but also 20 different maze designs that you can choose to play in, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay beyond the original. While the core game remains the same, it’s these extra touches that help lift the game from banality and even though there are plenty of free versions of Snake on other platforms, at 40p and such a ridiculously small file size (9Mb!) you really can’t argue at a game that’s going to be this much fun.

Title: Snake
Developer: Carrot Creations
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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