100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 39 – Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 039 - Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender

Before the PS Vita, the systems that really captured my passion for gaming were the Commodore 64 and the Amiga so any games that pay homage to either of those machines or are remakes of games released for those are instant winners in my book so Tikipod’s Defender-inspired shooter was set to be an instant winner for me from the get-go. With it’s 8-bit influenced chip music produced by Electric Cafe and 16-bit visuals, this was almost a match made in heaven. It sounded like a C64 game, looked like an Amiga game but how did it play?

The truth is that it plays brilliantly. The plot itself is pretty absurd. As I said in my full review of both this PlayStation Mobile version and the subsequent native PS Vita update, the story is somewhat bizarre. The world is struck by a disaster – the world’s milk supply is running out and cats across the globe are in a state of panic. That is until a new naturally-occuring source of milk has been discovered under the ocean floor. It’s your job to protect our brave feline friends as they set out to mine this valuable milk so they can drink happily ever after…

Okay, it’s basically a defender clone split over different themed areas (each with it’s own music) and split into stages. While there is now a native PS Vita release with additional game modes and smoother graphics, this is still a great game in its own right and is a worthy additional to the PSM collection. It’s fiendishly addictive, has a fabulous soundtrack, looks superb and the action never slows down for a minute.

Easily one of the best titles released for PlayStation Mobile.

Title: Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender
Developer: Tikipod
Type: Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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  1. I’m using your top 100 list to curate my PSmobile collecting before the service goes offline.

    I have found that some made the transfer over to the PSN store as a PSN title (with an added DX), including Aqua Kitty Milk Mine defender.

    Do you have a list of titles that made the transition? Could you indicate if a PSmobile title has made the transition in any upcoming reviews? Thanks!

    • At the moment, there have only been a handful of PSM titles that have been re-released as native PS Vita games and in every case the games have been completely re-written to take advantage of the Vita’s extra capabilities. Off the top of my head, the ones I know of are:-

      Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX
      Rock Boshers DX
      Surge Deluxe
      Switch Galaxy Ultra

      although I am aware of several others that are in development (but I am currently sworn to secrecy on these right now!) or the original PSM authors are hoping to release native Vita versions in the future.

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