100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 34. Candy, Please!

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 034 - Candy Please

I’ve long been a fan of the 8-bit styled adventures released by Nostatic Software for PlayStation Mobile. The visual style has brought back plenty of fond memories from my days with the Commodore 64 and the strong puzzle-based gameplay took me back to the days where graphic adventures ruled the gaming world and when point-and-click adventures started to make their debut on the gaming scene.

While this one isn’t quite as strong as Vacation Vexation, Candy, Please! is just as original and adds plenty of new gameplay elements to the series. A Halloween-themed game, this time our heroine sets out to take her younger brother our trick or treating to gather as much candy as possible from all the houses in the neighbourhood…. but there’s a snag – neither of them have a costume! So before you can do anything at all you have to scour your house (and the local area) trying to find anything to craft a couple of costumes with and this is where the game really comes into its own. For the first time in the series, you can combine objects in a wardrobe allowing you to create a range of different outfits that you can change into for both our protagonist and her brother and you’ll need to assemble a wide range of costumes to complete the game but that’s not all… there’s even a mini graphics editor that will come into play when you have to carve your own pumpkin at one stage.

These really set this apart from earlier games in the series and makes for compelling gameplay. There are plenty of tough, but logical puzzles to keep you glued to your Vita for hours making this an essential game for adventure lovers everywhere.

Title: Candy, Please!
Developer: Nostatic Software
Type: Adventure
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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