100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 33. Earth Assault

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 033 - Earth Assault

It doesn’t matter how powerful the console – whether it’s a major system or handheld – you can guarantee that there will be modern remakes or updates of old games released for it and PlayStation Mobile has been no exception. While there have been some truly dreadful titles out of PSM’s 500+ range, there are others that really have been absolute gems and games that shouldn’t be missed and Earth Assault is one such title…

Taking Taito’s classic Space Invader, it does away with the single screen approach and gives the game a complete makeover. Rather than having endless repetitive waves of aliens attacking, each screen essentially the same as the one before, Earth Assault presents the player with far more variety. The game offers far more diversity with each wave presenting the player with different attack patterns, different aliens with many needing multiple shots to be destroyed but most importantly cash earned for aliens you destroy as well as points. This cash can be spent in the in-game store to buy upgrades for your gun turrent (represented in the game by a tank) increasing the rate of fire, shielding, and firepower.

In essence, the updates made here are not too dissimilar to those offered to gamers by Curve Studios with Titan Attacks with the only real differences being that this is a bit tougher and a LOT cheaper and if I am completely honest Earth Assault is the one that I have enjoyed playing a lot more and despite the benefit of Cross Buy with Titan Attacks, this represents far better value for money.

Title: Earth Assault
Developer: Pixelelement
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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