100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 32. Rebel

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 032 - Rebel

When first looking at Rebel, you’d be fooled into thinking that it’s yet another top-down shooter but you’d be mistaken. This is one of those games on PlayStation Mobile that’s packed with arcade action from start to finish where the game doesn’t give you a moment’s rest, the game never plays the same way twice offering near limitless replayability, and is amazingly addictive. But what’s it all about…?

When you look at the game which presents you with a screen full of tanks, military vehicles, gun emplacements and a soldier on screen that’s under your control, it’s no wonder that you’d think that it’s a shoot-em-up but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, you take on the role of a prisoner who has escaped but being stranded on an island all you can do is try to survive and evade re-capture for as long as possible. All manner of enemies are after you and trying their best to capture or kill you. Your choices? Run, hide or use their own weapons against them by drawing their fire towards each other. It’s an incredibly simple concept but as you progress through the game, more and more vehicles appear, the game gets faster and survival becomes tougher and tougher.

To boost your score, as you run around the island you can collect jewels (these come in handy later on) and you score points depending on how long you have survived and for enemy vehicles and outposts that you destroy. Once you are captured / killed it’s game over but this is where things get interesting… as you can spend and money you’ve earned from jewels you have collected in the in-game store (don’t worry, there are no cash in-game purchases here!) and buy power-ups and character upgrades. These will either be permanent upgrades or temporary powerups that you can activate in game that can be used repeatedly after recharging (shields, speed boosts and more) and this really adds extra depth to what is already a fun and frantic game.

If the addictive gameplay wasn’t enough, it sounds great, the controls are perfectly balanced and the visuals look fabulous – even more so when you realise that it’s from the first wave of PlayStation Mobile releases. This is an essential purchase and a game that you’ll be playing for a long time to come.

Title: Rebel
Developer: PomPom Software Ltd
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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