10 Games We Would Like to See on the PS Vita


As much as we love the PS Vita, from time to time we face the issue of finding an incredible game that is not available on the console. While there are plenty of great games available on the PS Vita, we have compiled a list of some incredible games that we hope will one day make it to our most beloved of portable consoles.

10. Pac-Man World Rally

If you are a fan of Mario Kart and want to switch things up a bit, then Pac-Man World Rally is the game for you. Featuring the infamous Namco characters, the game has been unfairly bashed for being too similar to Mario Kart despite having some features that make it an entirely different gaming experience. With tons of stages and a superior drift feature where you don’t need to slow down to make turns, this game is just as great if not better than the more popular Mario version.

9. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Sequel

Despite Sony lobbying to get the game on the Vita, the project for a sequel to the first portable version of the Unchartered franchise, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, was rejected before a demo could even be made. A disgruntled ex-Sony Bend game developer confessed on Reddit that there were plans for another Uncharted to be released for the PS Vita, but it was cancelled. The reason per this anonymous employee was that Naughty Dog was worried about franchise burnout due to the upcoming release of other Uncharted games. While attempting to improve their sales, they robbed Vita players a chance to play an improved version of one of the most elaborate action adventure games out there.

8. The Sims

Why, oh why have we not seen the Sims on PS Vita? This classic game was endearing for nearly every type of gamer and when it was released for PSP it really helped stimulate sales of the console. Considering Sony’s struggle to get the PS Vita out there, it would have been an excellent idea to use the ultra-successful Sims franchise to reel in kids, adults and classic game lovers alike. Not to mention playing it on an excellent portable device would make the game even more addictive than ever before.

7. Splinter Cell: Essentials

Despite being made for the PSP, Splinter Cell: Essentials also never reached PS Vita game shelves. The reason behind this decision could have something to do with complaints from diehard fans who, when playing the PSP version of the game, were disappointed in the lack of fluidity compared to the game’s Xbox version. While it is often the case that such games are toned down for portable devices, this appeared to have been enough of a setback to leave the NSA adventures of Sam Fisher away from Vita consoles.

6. Castle Builder

Castle Builder is an elaborate casino game that allows players to advance levels through completing tasks with the end goal is to create a fortress in preparation of a royal wedding. When it comes to the ways to win this game there are plenty and whether you play for fun or with cash, you should try out the demo or just read the review here. The combination of real money wins and an elaborated storyline make it a uniquely complex game which would be great for the PS Vita but, unfortunately, unlikely to ever reach the console.

5. GTA V

The latest edition of arguably one of the biggest game franchises in the world, and in my opinion the reason why the PS4 managed to sell so many consoles, as with its predecessor never made it the latest of Sony’s portable gaming consoles. While the sheer size of the game could be one reason it never made it in addition to the Vita’s technical limitations, fans would be thrilled even for a more limited map of Los Santos to cruise through… or then again the release of a downgraded version for the Vita could also spark outrage. Regardless of the hypothetical outcome, promoting a PS Vita version would have contributed to not only the happiness of fans but could have promoted more Vita console sales.

4. TitanFall 2

Whether it’s the robo-apocalyptic theme, the sick multiplayer modes or the elaborate game design you love most about TitanFall 2, you will be sad to hear that this game is not sold for the PS Vita. You can, however, try out this incredibly game through PS Vita Remote Play. You can watch one player go through the game on his Vita here and the graphics look great. To make up for the missing buttons there are on screen options and essentially the game has already been adapted for the Vita console so the question remains: why not develop a TitanFall 2 for Vita?!

3. Infamous

Sony feared that releasing Infamous for the Vita would result in system burnout by releasing too many titles in one go, but fans were nevertheless infuriated once they found out that the rumors that this game would reach the Vita weren’t true. The same former Sony Bend developer who ranted on Reddit claimed that they even made a demo for the PSVita which was rejected by top management. Why? They were not confident that the game’s sales would perform well enough.

2. Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is a great highly rated team-based multiplayer that would have been a great game for the PS Vita. While we can only dream that a Vita port it would be released at some point in the future, it may be that the PS Vita becomes totally irrelevant to the mainstream industry before that happens. On a more optimistic note, we can also pray that Sony will get its act together and produce an improved Vita before this hits the market.

1. BioShock

Arguably the biggest blunder when it comes to PSVita games was Ken Lavine’s announcement at the Sony E3 2011 press conference that a game set in the BioShock world would be coming to the PSVita. Several years later there is still no BioShock for Vita, although one was released for iOS devices. Disappointing to say the least.

So that’s our shortlist but are there any games that YOU would like to see on the Vita?

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