First Impressions: Hitman GO

I have never played a Hitman game before. Before you kill me, there’s a simple explanation: I play games exclusively on portable devices, and there hasn’t been a Hitman game released on these platforms. Until now.

Granted, this isn’t what most Hitman fans are crazy about. This is a board game. And you know what? So far, I’m rather enjoying it.

As I mentioned in my 3DS review of Slice It! over at Infinite Frontiers, I’m awful at puzzle games. I do OK at Sudoku, but stuff like Volume or The Swindle, I’m much more suitable to admire than to master.

That said, I’m surprised by how well I’m doing at Hitman GO. Maybe it’s the fact that I used to play a bit of chess as a kid (I beat my uncle and he never let me win… he said). Maybe the game isn’t brain-breakingly difficult. But having finished the first board (15 levels), I feel, if I’m honest, like a bit of a criminal mastermind.

He has no right to be looking at that girl like that.
He has no right to be looking at that girl like that.

So, fine. Maybe I won’t be the next to hold the world at my fingertips and ask for…. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. But for a guy who’s terrible at puzzle games, Hitman GO has been a really cool way to pass the time.

And much better than a virtual board game based on a stealth game series has any right to be.

Stay tuned to VitaPlayer for my full review, coming in the next few days.


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