First Impressions: Alien Shooter (PS Vita)

Alien Shooter

I loved playing WWII FPS games. But they don’t make those anymore. So I have to get my shooting needs taken care of elsewhere. While zombies are the cannon fodder of choice, I like killing (the right kind of) aliens as well. Alien Shooter delivers that in spades. I’m really liking the vibe of the game. The music, the ambiance, the enemies, the difficulty, it all adds up to a nice experience.

The only thing hindering my enjoyment right now is a technical issue: frame drops. This is an issue that has plagued many-a-port on the Vita, and sadly it has reared is ugly face here once again. I am hoping that it will not get too bad, but it does get worse as the levels progress and the amount of enemies on-screen increases. It hasn’t become game-stopping, however, and I hope it doesn’t.

I will, however, speak to Sigma Team about it. They have kindly agreed to an interview, and I intend to touch on this matter, and many other things, once I play all of the game’s 2hr campaign.

In the meantime, once more into the… Area 51-like levels which are full of aliens. So that we can kill them.

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