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One Epic Game Minis

Game Review: One Epic Game (Minis)

When you stop and think about it, endless runners have the potential to be amongst the most incredibly boring games available for any console. With limited controls over the game’s protagonist and with many offering gamers bland repetitive backgrounds, the appeal of so many of these is short lived. With the procedurally generated nature of […]

Vector TD PSP Minis

Game Review: Vector TD (PSP Minis)

PlayStation Plus has been giving gamers a great selection of titles over the years – PS Vita owners have been treated to classics such as WipEout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and many more including some stunning indie titles. However, what many gamers may not realise is that in the early days of the […]

Stick Man Rescue PSP Minis

Game Review: Stick Man Rescue (PSP Minis)

Oh how I used to love drawing stickmen in my youth (oi, I’m not that old). Many a school lesson was spent creating stickmen and their grizzly methods of destruction in my old textbooks (notice I didn’t say exercise books, see I’m not that old!). Anyway, the thought of ever rescuing my creations from their […]

Game Review

Game Review: Aero Racer (PSP Minis)

Right then, I think it’s time for a change. While you all will no doubt be waiting with baited breath for my next Farm based game review, I thought I would throw you all a curve ball or hover curve ball (ok not as good as it first sounded I’ll admit) with my next review […]

Game Review

Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2 (PSP Minis)

Right then I’m sure I can fit Combine Harvester’s into this review… what? Not a single one? Okay then I may have been pushing my luck here then, the search continues, maybe Farm Frenzy 3… As I am the country bumpkin of the team I took the executive decision that I should review this sequel […]

Game Review

Game Review: Doodle Fit (PSP Mini)

Sometimes my age as a gamer shows. I’ve lost count of the number of empassioned discussions that I have had with gamers about what makes a good game. While many of the younger gamers will insist that games need a strong story line and immersive graphics and sound to ensure that high quality games are […]

Mahjongg Artifacts PSP Minis

Game Review: Mahjongg Artifacts (PSP Mini)

Mahjongg Artifacts is a PSP Mini based upon the traditional Chinese game of Mahjongg. The game sees you trying to collect all of the pieces of a lost ancient magical talisman with the evolving story being presented before each of the levels as a comic strip. The aim of the game is pure and simple; […]

Stellar Attack PSP Minis

Stellar Attack Reviewed For Playstation Minis

Here it is… the final review (for now) in our series looking at all of the games from Laughing Jackal available for the Playstation Vita. We’re looking back, once again, at their back catalogue and turning our attention once more to the Playstation Minis range with this final review as we take a look at […]

Ace Armstrong Vs The Alien Scumbags PSP Minis

Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags! Reviewed For PlayStation Minis

We’re 24 hours away from the end of our special series looking at developer Laughing Jackal. During the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at a range of their games that have been available for the PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Minis ranges and today is no different. Tomorrow we’ll be concluding with the final review […]

Cubixx PSP Minis

Cubixx Reviewed For PlayStation Minis

We’ve covered the PlayStation Mobile version of Laughing Jackal’s game Cubixx already here on Vita Player but how can we ignore the original version of this retro-inspired arcade game? Well we can’t and as part of our special series looking as this indie publisher, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the PS Vita […]