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PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation TV – Issues So Far

Even though Sony have made the rather strange decision to market the PlayStation TV in the west as being a companion device for the PlayStation 4 first and a PlayStation Vita second, one thing that everyone wants to know is just what will actually run on the micro-console.

We are trying to provide a comprehensive list here on Vita Player of PlayStation TV Compatible Games and Sony themselves have produced an official list although Sony’s list makes no mention of PSM titles. While we are integrating these into our list, compatibility of these seems to be far more confusing than that of other PS Vita titles…

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‘Destiny of Spirits’ special events in November and December

If free-to-play RPGs are your thing, you will be pleased to note that the creators of Vita title ‘Destiny of Spirits’ have arranged a series of events, bonuses and giveaways, commencing on the 20th November and finishing on the 3rd December.

Returning players on the 20th November will find three new items, including a ‘Gold Joker’, 10,000 summoning stones and 10,000 spirit points.

A Raid event, ’14 Days of Darkness’ has been arranged, featuring battles with different bosses each day of the week.

The one-week mission ‘Friends in Need’ will run again from the 1st December.

In addition there will be a reduction in the number of orbs needed for purification and the return of limited summons.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘free to play’ model aligns with a handheld such as the Vita, but this at least shows there is commitment on the behalf of the developer to keep updating content.


Hatsune Miku 2nd touches down in western shores

Hatsune Mike: Project DIVA F 2nd, the sequel to the popular Japanes ‘vocaloid’ rhythm game, launches on PS Vita and PS4 this week in North America and Europe.

The developer promises that ‘with 40 songs, both new and classic hits… are in for an unforgettable experience as you discover the incredible world of Miku’.

The game will be PS TV compatible and to that extent will have the option of using analogue sticks instead of the touchscreen for certain movements.

For the first time in this series, the entry will include fully subtitled translations of all songs. In addition, the game as the option of importing a Japanese save for those enthusiasts who have already imported and now wish to purchase the localised edition of the game.

With six months of post-launch downloadable content in the pipeline, it’s certainly a release that is set to be content-heavy.


Aqua Kitty DX brings more ‘Defender’ action to the Vita

Playstation Mobile launch-title ‘Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender’ is returning to the PS Vita and PS4 later this month in the form of the enhanced ‘Aqua Kitty – DX’.

The Pixel-art ‘Defender’ clone received some excellent reviews when it first launched on the PS Mobile service. The titular hero takes to his submarine to rescue scientists on an endlessly scrolling field of play that loops infinitely.

The game, which is produced by Tikipod Ltd, has been graphically enhanced and also contains a number of additions including extra directional fire buttons, new bosses, a new easy mode and a new ‘arcade’ mode adding elements of Gradius to the game.

‘Aqua Kitty DX’ is due to hit the Playstation Store on 26 November.


Bringing The Spirit Of Vegas To The Vita

For those not fortunate to own one, it’s easy to dismiss the PS Vita as being a console that has no games. Looking on the shelves in any game store and you’ll see a mere handful of titles and usually it’s the same select few copies of FIFA and first-person shooters thrown in for good measure with little else to attract gamers. As Vita owners we know better and are well aware of the incredible catalogue of games at our disposal, standing at well over 1,000 titles and growing daily. Covering the wonderful variety of native PlayStation Vita titles, PSP, PS One Classics, Minis and not forgetting PlayStation Mobile, there’s something for everyone… or is there?

It’s no secret that the PS Vita has become home to countless indie developers and fans of retro gaming with enthusiasts looking to the console to relive their youth playing classic games that they remembered from the arcades. Official updates or clones of the classics – Space Invaders, Pac Man, Pong, Breakout – they’re all available on the Vita along with many classic arcade compilations from arcade and home console giants such as Sega and Capcom. But anyone who is old enough to remember the arcades that these classic games used to inhabit back in the 80s and early 90s will tell you that these arcades themselves have changed dramatically.

But what about contemporary arcades? Gone are the old arcade favourites replaced with coin dozer machines, slot machines are abundant everywhere and even classic pinball tables are becoming rarer every day. Thanks to The Pinball Arcade many of the tables we have come to love are making their way to the Vita but other games aren’t so lucky. We may get plenty of games that have taken their inspiration from the arcades but we seldom see anything that resembles modern arcades. The closest we have seen to-date to a coin dozer on the Vita are two games released for PlayStation Mobile by Sony Computer Entertainment but these are only available in Japan and the only slot machine to date is by way of the High Roller table for The Pinball Arcade recreating a typical casino in table form…

And that’s the direction where mature gaming seems to be heading, at least on a physical level. Without the arcades that we loved being around apart from in specialised locations or at arranged events and the arcades that do exist only offering slots and gimmick-laden machines, it’s no wonder why more players have moved onto casinos since their reputation and image has become more relaxed in recent years. It’s just not physical casinos but online gaming has reached phenomenal levels as well with online sites such as proving to be incredibly popular offering all the excitement of the real thing that the Vita still hasn’t managed to deliver in any capacity since it’s launch two years ago.

It’s surprising that we’ve seen very little released for the Vita considering the popularity of casino gaming. Online and television based poker and other casino games have built up a strong following yet all we have seen to-date is the RTS combat game Super Tank Poker, Sony’s Everybody’s Arcade (which features Blackjack and Poker), and Card Shark from the Minis range – a dismal offering when looking at the Vita’s current range of games. None of the poker games released for the PSP have been made available for the Vita, and surprisingly neither has Hard Rock Casino.

It’s a bizarre state of affairs for what could be a profitable game genre that – to date – is untapped on Sony’s portable flagship device and for now that just leaves us gamers with no alternative but to look elsewhere for our gaming fix.




After The Dust Has Settled 9: PlayStation TV; softest console launch in history?

The PlayStation (Vita) TV was released today… but did you even notice?

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FIFA Football PS Vita

Football games – what choice is there for PS Vita players?

Players who want to get the new Pro Evolution Soccer game – PES 2015 – for PS Vita as with previous games in the series were disappointed hearing  that Konami’s football franchise stopped at the PSP in terms of Sony’s handheld format.

As a Sony fan, if you want to play the new PES generation, you’ll need to play on PlayStation 4 or PS3 or rely on Remote Play to access the game on the PS Vita. PES 2015, released on 13 November, features Mario Gotze as its cover player. The Bayern Munich wunderkind who scored the FIFA World Cup winning goal for Germany squares up against Barcelona’s star player Lionel Messi, who provides the cover face for FIFA 15.

In the real world of football, both Bayern Munich and Barcelona are tipped as favourites in football betting to win the Champions League this year, along with Real Madrid. Sites such as bet365 currently have Bayern and Real priced at around 3/1 and Real Madrid at 5/1.

Most football fans who want to play their own versions of top tier football will choose between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA games. And at least FIFA 15, released in September this year, is definitely available to play on the PS Vita.
However, it’s not quite as good as it was for many Vita players with previous versions. This is because FIFA 15 doesn’t have the online multiplayer element as other generations did. For a game that is always more fun when you’re playing other people, it seems crazy that it’s not possible to do this anymore.

Of course, there are different modes that you can play FIFA 15 in. FIFA 15 comes with three kick off modes in which you can choose any of the 500 officially licenced clubs to play with including big name clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Paris St-Germain. There are also two Be A Pro modes where you can select to be any particular player or goalie. It’s also possible to create your own tournament and indeed lay establish your own rules, using any of 50 real world tournaments. You also get a wide choice of stadiums, including 20 of the Barclays Premier League stadiums. Another choice is to play in career mode, where you can play as a player, manager or player manager.

As a game, it scores well – you really do feel like you’re playing football! You can use the front touch for passing and the rear touch for shooting, but these features can be turned off is you choose to do so. But if you’re looking for something different from previous versions of FIFA – FIFA FOOTBALL, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 – you’re not really going to find it in FIFA 15. Basically, all the versions are pretty similar. And all the previous versions mentioned above feature online multiplayer and don’t cost as much to buy.

A beginner to the world of football video games wouldn’t be disappointed with the PS Vita version of FIFA 15, but for anyone who’s already experienced the previous generations of FIFA or who plays FIFA 15 on another system, they’re likely to feel a little short-changed by the PS Vita version.

Passing Time PlayStation Mobile 03

Beyond the FIFA series, for those of you still in need of a football fix on the go what choice do you have? For something a little quirkly there is Sony’s own Passing Time for PlayStation Mobile  featuring high speed gameplay reminiscent of Sensible Soccer.

Looking to the older releases, from the PS One Classics we have Junior League Soccer from XS Games and on the PSP front is Super Sidekicks from SNK Playmore (although this is a NEOGEO title running under emulation so doesn’t use the full power of the PSP, let alone the PS Vita) so the choice is limited for contemporary games.

Those who prefer the management side of games are better catered for with games in the Minis, PSP and Vita range with the best of these being Football Manager Classic 2014 from Sega which uniquely offers compatibility with the PC version of the game but one of the real highlights and is also one of the strangest football titles to hit the Vita is the Super League Football table for Zen Pinball 2. Despite being a pinball game, this manages to recreate the feel and atmosphere of football fantastically and is not only a superb pinball table in its own right, but a must-buy game for soccer fans as well.

Super League Football PS Vita 07


Vita is ‘doomed': twin stick shooter coming in 2015

Twin-sick shooter, “We are Doomed”, has been announced as coming to the PS Vita and Playstation 4.

The game is a neon, polygon graphics based shooter with a difference. The laser is very powerful but short-range, making it impossible to sit and blast enemies from a range. In addition, a superbeam, offers a moment of brief triumph, but also makes the ship vulnerable while it is being used.

The game will be out on PS4 in early 2015, with the developer Vertex Pop stating on the Playstation blog that they are committed to bringing the game to Vita, but it may take a little longer to ensure the best experience.  The developer has confirmed the title will be cross-buy.

Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy PS Vita

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Coming To PS Vita

If there’s one game genre that is well represented on the Vita, it’s the RPG and developer Arc System Works is bringing its new action RPG, Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy to the PlayStation Vita later this year in the US and the rest of the world in the first quarter of 2015.

In Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, that well-spiked luchador can be you, running around with three of your friends and punching and pile-driving the ever-loving spit out of anything that looks at you funny. Mostly, you’ll be punching Decoders, the monsters who’ve ruled your world with an iron claw since they took it over twelve years ago.

Scary stuff, no doubt, but check this—you and a grip of other humans managed to get out before the hammer dropped, and you’ve built yourselves a secret hideout. You’ve been holding it down for twelve long years, but now it’s time to come out swinging and see how well those creeps can decode a championship-winning sleeper hold.

Watch the Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy here:

Each foray into the wider world is a chance to grab weapons, rack up some levels, and pump up your skills, but watch it: Even at max level you won’t be able to fill out every branch on the skill tree, so figure out if you’re gonna punch, or…punch in a different way. Or swordfight, or shoot, or robot, depending on which character you’re playing as. And weapons? Well! You can use the ones you find to enhance the ones you’ve got, or you can convert them into completely different weapons! It’s like magic! In fact, it probably is magic! This is fantasy, after all.

Really, though, how much fun would all this punching and weaponing and skilling be if you couldn’t share it with someone? Isn’t that what life is all about, sharing experiences with those close to you? Maybe. I’m no philosopher. But I am a press release, and I can tell you that you’ll be able to hook up with your friends for four-player co-op, play through the story together, get special team skills, and pick each other up when you’re down—or dead, as the case may be.


  • Choose one of four heroes to save the world, each featuring a different playstyle: slashing, wrestling, shooting, or punching with giant robot fists!
  • Enhance or remodel weapons to create deadly combinations.
  • Fully voice-acted heroes, supporting comrades, and enemies come to life as the story unfolds
  • Complete your party with up to 4 player local co-op
  • Explore the world further with new missions available as DLC.
  • Re-color your characters with Character Color Packs DLC, including colors inspired by Guilty Gear and BlazBlue
Mouse Bounce

Design A Brand New Christmas Costume For Mouse Bounce On PlayStation Mobile!


David Ward from Cat Trap Studios, the developer for Mouse Bounce (and previous titles Castle Invasion and A Bad Opera-tunity) on PlayStation Mobile has contacted us about a great new competition he is running for PS Vita owners in relation to his latest platformer, Mouse Bounce.

The game, which was released for PlayStation Mobile a few weeks ago, allows players to purchase and dress up the main character in a range of different costumes and as Christmas is fast approaching David thought it might be fun for Vita Player readers to design a Christmas-style costume with the winner being chosen to be included in the game in a special Christmas-themed Mouse Bounce.

Mouse Bounce Christmas Competition Example

The design rules are that the image must be:

  • a 220 x 200 pixel image
  • No touching the tail as it’s used for every costume
  • PNG file with full alpha(invisible) background

The image below illustrates the constraints fairly well.

Mouse Bounce Christmas Competition

Entries can either be made to or email them directly to us here at with your details and include Mouse Bounce Competition in the email subject line. For the game to make it to the PSN Store a little before Christmas, the closing date for entries will be midnight on the 19th November 2014.

If you haven’t already played the game, you can see the trailer for the game here:-

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