Run Like Hell PS Vita

Run Like Hell Hits PS Vita This Week

Hitting the PSN Store later today in the USA and EU territories tomorrow, from developers Mass Creation the creators of DRAW SLASHER, comes their second release for the PS Vita – Run Like Hell! An endless runner, you take on the role of a fearless treasure hunter, stuck on a tropical island. Spotted by a local tribe of hungry cannibals, you’re faced with two choices: check out if you’re tasty with garlic to the locals or… Run Like Hell!

As the player. you can run and escape from your pursuers by jumping through hoops, sliding under obstacles while admiring the vivid hand-drawn tropical island with procedurally generated levels. Race through a jungle, run through a calm village, avoid the sun in cool caverns, and even can get melancholic at dusk on the beach.

Offering three game modes: “The Great Escape” (story mode), “Arcade” – endless running through various locations and the icing on the cake – “Online” modes containing “Versus”, “Tournaments” and “Challenges”. Players who are into the more serious challenges can climb up the global leaderboards and complete in 50 exacting objectives.

The game is priced at $4.99 (USA) and €3.99 (EU).

Fruit Space PlayStation Mobile

Game Review: Fruit Space (PlayStation Mobile)

There are some games that just flatly refuse to go away. Despite making its debut in the arcades back in 1978, Taito’s Space Invaders is still doing the rounds today in one form or another officially or unoficially with clones, new interpretations of the seminal classic or games like Fruit Space trying to make a few minor changes to the game in the visual department…

The name of the game probably gives you the biggest clue as to where these changes lie – instead of destroying wave after wave of incoming alien invaders, instead you take control of a giant space pineapple (seriously, I kid you not!) and have to fend of hordes of invading fruit bowls. Apart from a few minor tweaks, the gameplay is basically Space Invaders and you’d think that you’d be in for something remotely entertaining just with quirky visuals but unfortunately the novelty factor wears off quickly once the reality of the game itself hits home…

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Breakout PlayStation Mobile

Game Review: Breakout (PlayStation Mobile)

Ever since the 8-bit era, bedroom coders have been writing their own clones of popular arcade games and releasing them, either to friends or distributed freely or through smaller independent publishers changing a few details in the games such as names, characters, artwork releasing them as “tributes” or games “inspired” by the originals.If it weren’t for these, many of the smaller budget publishers would never have existed or thrived and some of them have grown and developed and are still around today.

One such target for continual adaptation was Taito’s classic Breakout. The bat and ball game has been cloned countless times over the years and even received an official makeover or two by Taito themselves starting with the classic Arkanoid but Lightning Game Studios have gone back to basics with their PSM Breakout clone.

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Is this the first physical re-release on PS Vita in the UK?

Budget re-release of Little Big Planet is super powered!

Okay, well it’s a budget price compared with the original RRP as this new edition should be debuting at under £20 (no UK price has been announced but it’s €19.99 in Europe.)

This physical release includes, as you would expect, the original Little Big Planet Vita game, but also residing on the cartridge will be a series of Marvel super hero themed content that is already or will be available as actual DLC for those who have the original issue (like myself!)

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Drop Baby PlayStation Mobile

Game Review: Drop Baby (PlayStation Mobile)

There’s no doubting that in the right hands Unity is an incredibly versatile and powerful development tool and has already been responsible for helping to bring some impressive titles to the PS Vita – both native games and through PlayStation Mobile. Bearing that in mind, developers Lightning Game Studios (referred to in the PSN Store as B.P.) took the Unity release of the PSM SDK and released their first seven titles for PlayStation Mobile simultaneously on 10th September 2014 but is it a case of quantity over quality…?

Being quite frank, Drop Baby is really the type of game that you’d expect to find running on Android or iOS as something that you’d load up as a typical timewaster rather than a full gaming experience. It’s an incredibly simplistic affair offering single-screen gameplay. Chosing single or twin modes to start off with, once you start playing the game, what you are supposed to believe are babies (more on this later) drop from the top of the screen and you save them by tapping on them. You score points if you successfully do this and it’s game over if any reach the bottom of the screen. In the Single mode it’s one baby at a time and Twin mode… well, you guessed it… two of them.

And that’s basically the whole game covered. No variety in the gameplay, no objectives to reach, no goals to work towards – just tap, tap, tap, game over, tap, tap, tap, wait for someone to prod you awake. The game exudes monotony throughout. While there have been games released through PlayStation Mobile in the past that have been based on or inspired by casual mobile phone games they’ve either offered some form of challenge to gamers, levels to progress through or at least something to keep the game interesting but there’s just nothing here at all.

The “music”, if you can call it that, is quite probably one of the most irritating things that you will ever hear coming from the PS Vita’s speakers and will have you lunging for the volume controls in a matter of seconds. It’s not just the fact that it’s an incredibly grating piece, but also the fact that it is incredibly short and lasts for under a minute so it will begin to fill you with rage. The sound effects are just as infuriating limited to endless baby gurgling and cries throughout (while still having to put up with the mind-numbing music). There is no option to turn the sound off other than the Vita’s controls themselves and you’ll never be more thankful that Sony added these than during this game.

Graphics don’t fare any better. The “babies” that drop from the top of the screen are represented by yellow squares with poorly-drawn faces on them, and the background is a simplistic affair with a tiled pattern repeating a smaller version of the faces and that’s all there is to the visuals. Short of PSM games that aim for an intentionally simplistic retro look like Snake, I don’t think that the developers could have gone for a more basic approach.

This is one of those titles that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and this is a pattern that follows throughout all of the other PSM games released by Lightning Game Studios at present. What’s most shocking about this is the price. Considering the appeal that this actually has and how long you’re likely to play it for should you have the misfortune to pay for it, the asking price of £3.39 is utterly obscene and I honestly can’t imagine what the developers were thinking when they wrote this. One to be avoided at all costs.

Simon Plumbe

At A Glance

  • Title: Drop Baby
  • Publisher: Lightning Game Studios
  • System: PlayStation Mobile
  • Format: PSN Download
  • Cross Buy: N / A
  • Cross Play: N / A
  • Online Multiplayer: No
  • Memory Card Space Needed: 30Mb

Vita Player Rating - 0

PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile – Two Years On And What Next For The Format?

It’s been over a year since I wrote my Open Letter To Sony Computer Entertainment Regarding PlayStation Mobile. There have been some positive steps taken to further the cause of the platform and there have been some fantastic games released over the last year to the extend that – at the time of writing this – there are now a total of 200 titles available for PlayStation Mobile in the EU territories alone. In fact, not only have I had to continally revise the Top 10 PlayStation Mobile Games list I have written for Vita Player but also create a Top 25 PlayStation Mobile Games Guide because there are so many titles worth looking at.

However, the format is still being overlooked by gamers and Sony Computer Entertainment themselves and many things that we were calling for back then simply haven’t been done or there has been a peacemeal effort when it has come to making change. In addition, while there have been improvements in some areas, there have been changes for the worse in others dramatically affecting the image of the platform so where is the format heading?

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PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile – Lightning Game Studios

We’ve had our usual hiatus over the last month or so here at Vita Player and while we’re now starting to work on new reviews and features for the site ready to get back on track and we’re trying to actively recruit new writers to help fill the void where our existing team aren’t able to keep up the pace between their personal lives and working on the site, on a personal level I want to spend much of my own time working on expanding our PlayStation Mobile coverage. In the last few months the range has expanded considerably to just under 300 titles and while I have a lot of reviews in the pipeline to help all of you make informed choices over what to buy, unfortunately I felt that this short post was in order following this week’s releases…

Normally I’m hesitant about singling out any games developer or publisher, especially at a time when the Vita is crying out for games, but this week on the PSN Store there were no fewer than seven games released by Lightning Game Studios, with prices for these ranging from £3.39 to a staggering £5.49 – pretty much the same price as the PSN classic TxK. For one developer to be so prolific there either had to be a team behind all of these releases, the games needed to be ports from other platforms or something else altogether so maintaining my 100% record of owning every European-released PSM title, I investigated further…

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Game Review: Mousecraft (PS Vita)

When a developer leads off by telling you their game is a unashamed cross of Lemmings and Tetris, you can’t help but raise an eyebrow. Having said that I played it before they lead off with anything and the first thing I said was that it was exactly that. Well a slow paced Lemmings crossed with Tetris with a Lost Vikings feel, anyway.

I was lucky enough to play the Polish developed Mousecraft at EGX Rezzed earlier in the year, thanks to PlayStation conversion specialists, Curve Studios,  when everyone else at the event seemed to be paying Krunching Koalas’ game no attention. I played maybe 8 levels of the title and fell in love with it.

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Newsflash – PlayStation TV UK/EU Release Date

A quick bit of news from Cologne’s Gamescom – PlayStation TV will launch across Europe on Friday 14th November.

The EU price is 99 Euros with 3 digital games (titles unknown), which can probably be assumed to also be included in the UK £84.99 SKU.

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PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile Update – 30th July 2014

Following the influx of new releases over the last few weeks, things have slowed down somewhat for PlayStation Mobile this week with just a couple of new releases and a single update.

New Releases

  • Farming USA (Bowen Games) – a surprise release. A non-Unity based title and a full blown homage to Farming Simulator. One of the most involving PSM titles we have seen to-date.
  • Neck Strike (teasoft) – another free to play title from teasoft and their first developed in Unity


  • Instant Dungeon (Scott Matott) – updated to version 1.21