100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 006 - Night Riders 3D Arcade Racing

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 6. Night Riders 3D Arcade Racing

Last time we talked about the dominance of Sega in the arcades and while their biggest racing game, OutRun, was the one title that most people remember, they had another racing game that also stood out but rather than being on four wheels, this preferred a two-wheeled form of transport… Hang On.

Just like Bloodred Wyvern, this PSM title has taken it’s cue from the Sega classic and provided gamers with a massive 3D motorbike racer packed with challenging courses, a great soundtrack and most importantly a superb sense of speed that keeps the blood pumping from start to finish. Each race is set over a number of stages against the clock and each stage takes place on a themed area with night and day racing and different environments. While there are no on-track objects or any roadside scenery, there are numerous other bikers to contend with and the twists and turns of the track along with the variety in visual themes more than make up for this.

The difficulty curve is balanced perfectly offering several courses of increasing difficulty, each made up with more stages than the one before providing you with a racer that’s designed to last. And for a game that’s under a pound you simply can’t go wrong!

Title: Night Riders 3D Arcade Racing
Developer: Baka-Neko.Fr
Type: Racing
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 005 - Bloodred Wyvern

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 5. Bloodred Wyvern

Back in their heyday, Sega were renowned not just for their consoles and games but for developing some of the most innovative arcade games ever developed. Gamers still have fond memories of a large number of these and when you look back at them it’s easy to see why. Who can forget the hydraulic cabinets of the fighter combat game Afterburner? The adrenaline rush of racers like OutRun or Power Drift or my personal favourite, the 3D shooter Space Harrier?

It’s the latter that is the inspiration behind Bloodred Wyvern but instead of taking control of a pilot in control of an oversized flying gun, you’re now taking control of a death-spewing dragon flying over 10 diverse landscapes. All of the game mechanics – and even some of the level designs – will be familiar to Space Harrier veterans though and that’s what makes this game such a winner. It moves along at a fantastic pace for a PlayStation Mobile title, is wonderfully responsive and most importantly for a game so dependent on speed and 3D visuals, looks great. The action doesn’t slow down for a minute and for those who loved the arcade original this is as close as you’re going to get on the Vita right now until Sega decide to bring out an official port.

Even if you’re not a fan of the original, there’s a great 3D shooter to enjoy here and this is one of those games that more than lives up to the hype of the screenshots on the PSN Store.

Title: Bloodred Wyvern
Developer: Mukagosoftware Development
Type: Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV Price Drops To £44.99 In UK

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a PlayStation TV then there’s no better time to take the plunge as Sony have now officially dropped the price of the microconsole in the UK (and we assume across Europe) to just £44.99 from today. Retailers are adjusting their prices with catalogue store Argos being the first to reduce the price instore and online, although prices are currently varying between stores as the new price point takes hold.

While the PSTV has had its detractors for its limited range of compatible games from the PS Vita’s catalogue, as regular Vita Player readers will know there is an extensive range of games that do work on the system as we have shown in our PlayStation TV Compatability Guide and we believe that this price drop will not only encourage developers and publisher to patch more of their games to work but also boost sales of the system at retail.

Even though the console is currently being marketed as a companion device for the PS4, many of its owners are PS Vita owners looking for a second system to play their Vita games on the TV and it does this admirably. The console doesn’t come with a controller but at this newer price point it means that the PSTV, a DualShock 3 and memory card could be purchased for under £100 making the system an attractive proposal.


PlayStation Vita System Software 3.50 Released

Sony Computer Entertainment have released the latest version of the system software for the PS Vita and PlayStation TV which has introduced new functionality and tweaks once again to our favourite system. Some are minor tweaks but there have been a few more useful revisions to the software:-

  • Remote Play – there is now the option to alter the framerate of Remote Play enabling you improve performance
  • Video Playback – searching within videos for specific scenes during playback has been improved
  • Maps – the icon has now been deleted from the Home Screen
  • Near – adresses and maps are no longer displayed within Near
  • Accessibility – a new function added to the Vita enabling closed caption support, assistance for those with visual impairments (including colour blindness) and the ability to reconfigure the Vita’s controls for those with physical disabilities.
  • Chat – in the Settings menu this has been renamed to Chat/User-Generated Media
  • PSN – a cosmetic change here as all references to this have now been renamed to PlayStation Network

While many of these are great additions, we think that the Accessibility feature is probably the best to have been added to a console ever and shouldn’t be underplayed. This truly has the potential to make the PS Vita the most gamer-friendly handheld system ever released, and is something to be celebrated.

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 004 - Vacation Vexation

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 4. Vacation Vexation

LucasFilm has a lot to answer for… when the text adventure genre was slowly becoming a dying breed as the 16-bit era was coming of age, LucasArts took the adventure game into a new era with the advent of their point and click adventures. Nowadays we’re accustomed to this form of interactive storytelling but back then it was something rather special. When playing his games, it’s clear that Mike Oliphant, the lone programmer behind Nostatic Software, has a great deal of love and affection for the 8-bit and 16-bit era both in terms of its aesthetic appeal and gameplay and of all of his releases on PlayStation Mobile, this ranks amongst his finest…

Vacation Vexation is an adventure, styled after the old-school point-and-click games but with visuals reminiscent of the 8-bit graphics seen on the Commodore 64 and this blend of styles works remarkably well. The game itself puts you in control of the games un-named protagonist who is travelling on holiday with her family. All she wants is some peace and quiet to relax on the beach but it seems that everyone and everything is determined to get in her way. What follows is a vast array of puzzles, mini games and even a seaside amusement arcade that you can visit to spend some time in, complete with mini arcade machines.

Despite it’s pixelised visuals, the game is packed full of charm and character, humour and puzzles which aren’t too taxing but will still need you to put some thought into them before you manage to complete the game… and there’s a handy autosave which you’ll need as it’s a big game! Unlike most adventures, it’s got plenty of replay value as well thanks to the arcade that you can revisit once you’ve completed the game.

Simply one of the best adventures available for PlayStation Mobile and an essential addition to the collection.

Title: Vacation Vexation
Developer: Nostatic Software
Type: Adventure
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile Update – 25th March 2015

It’s yet another packed week for PSM enthusiasts with some spectacular updates and price drops hitting the store thanks to Vita Player favourite Thomas Hopper as well as another healthy selection of new releases…

New Releases

  • A Healer Only Lives Twice (Satoshi Hamano) – RPG
  • Appli Archives Extreme Pairon Mobile 3 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Catch Up TV Film Guide (Chair Warming Facility) – self explanatory app!
  • Edge Escape (LostVision Gamestudio)
  • Emil’s Task (Inukage Games) – top down JRPG
  • Gravity Anomaly Zone (Mukagosoftware Development) – third person shooter from the developer of Bloodred Wyvern
  • QR Editor (Matsudamper) – another app that’s pretty easy to figure out!
  • Racing Line (Craig Greenway) – 3D racer
  • Tribute (Simone Serra)


  • Calculator (Matsudamper) – we don’t know the exact name of this app but it hasn’t been translated for the EU Store!
  • Disillusions Manga Horror (Stephen Allen)
  • Eternal Interceptor Bit (Team Redherring)
  • Floribund (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • King Bean (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Meltdown Moon (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Photo Edit (Matsudamper)
  • Radiant Flux (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Ryujin (c minor rookie)
  • Sea Run (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Shuttle Quest 2000 (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • SPIKE Says (Niels Vriezen)
  • Super Skull Smash GO! (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Super Tank Poker (TACS Games) – major price drop
100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 003 - Console Saga

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 3. Console Saga

All too often, PlayStation Mobile has been dismissed as being a home for nothing more than Android / iOS ports. Equally, indie developers have been branded as a breed of programmers who seem to love nothing better than to write games that are nothing but homages to the 8-bit and 16-bit era…

What many onlookers seem to forget is that there is a reason why developers take their inspiration from this era. Games may have been simpler but programmers certainly knew how to focus on the basics and make their games fun and isn’t that what gaming is supposed to be about? Console Saga – as with many of Thomas Hopper’s other PSM titles – harks back to those glory days of gaming and offers no frills classic platforming action. 20 packed levels of platform / shooting mayhem with a bit of web-slinging action thrown in for good measure packing enough of a punch to keep anyone happy.

It looks and plays incredibly well and the controls are set just right so you never feel frustrated with the controls no matter how complex the movements are that you’re able to pull off as you traverse the video game inspired landscapes.But that’s not the real beauty of this game though. Even if you’re able to make it through the increasingly tough levels, there’s a random level generator built in giving this almost unlimited replayability. Who could ask for more?

Title: Console Saga
Developer: Thomas Hopper (TACS Games)
Type: Platform Games
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes (being added in next patch)

Helldivers PS Vita

Game Review: Helldivers (PS Vita)

“Join the Helldivers!” A voiceover implores you at the beginning of this game. With a background clearly taken straight from Starship Troopers, Helldivers is set in a very similar dystopian world where individuals are encouraged to join a fighting force and set off to the stars to fight the enemies of ‘New Earth’. In fact, the games setting is so disturbingly similar to that of Starship Troopers it is surprising that the lawyers and poised over Helldivers, ready to strike like the ‘bug’ enemy that Helldivers also includes.

Luckily then, that following the introduction, story plays very little part in Helldivers or your potential enjoyment of this title. In many ways, this multiplayer shooter is like ‘Destiny’ but distilled down to its rawest essence.

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Journey Of The Wind PlayStation Mobile

Game Review: Journey Of The Wind (PlayStation Mobile)

One of the reasons I have been so passionate about PlayStation Mobile is that it has offered smaller developers the chance to bring truly unique titles to the PlayStation Vita. While Sony have encouraged and actively supported indie developers in bringing games to various PlayStation platforms, PSM has allowed an incredibly diverse catalogue of titles to be released, many of which would never have seen the light of day otherwise simply because they were too unique or specialised to have had any commercial viability as “regular” PS Vita releases.

Journey Of The Wind, by Katy Pilman (known on the PSN Store as GTAWWEKID) is one such title. Instead of the usual game or app that we’ve come to expect from PlayStation Mobile, this small title is a work of fiction that you would normally expect to find released through Amazon on the Kindle Store. It’s the only one of its kind on PlayStation Mobile, but is it worth getting?

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Tennis Game Fails To Serves On PS Vita

Released on the PSN Store last week, the PS Vita port of 10 Tons action puzzler Tennis In The Face has been plagued with problems leading to frustration amongst PS Vita owners who have purchased this indie title…

The game – which features ragdoll-physics as you control a tennis player propelling a ball to destrot a myriad of characters and objects bouncing balls off walls – while being available to purchase from the store since it’s release on 18th March 2015, has produced errors for PS Vita owners as soon as their consoles have tried to install the game leaving gamers unable to play the title. When customers have asked Sony about the problem on the PlayStation Blog it has been met with no response and despite these issues the game is still on sale through the store.

We asked 10 Tons about this to find out what the problem was and while they are aware of the issue they currently don’t know what is causing the installation problem but are working to resolve it. In the meantime we would advise gamers not to purchase the title until this has been resolved. We will bring you a further update once we have it.

A further note on this game is that it is also due to be released on the PS3 but the EU release of this has been delayed and for reasons which have not been given right now, the EU release has not been made Cross Buy unlike the US (which is Cross Buy across the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4) although 10 Tons are reported to be working on this.