100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 031 - Mini Golf Mundo

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 31. Mini Golf Mundo

I remember playing some of the early golf games way back on the Commodore 64 with classics like Leaderboard and actually having proper golf lessons when I was young, but one thing I can always remember fondy was playing crazy golf on family holidays every Summer. It’s that quickfire version of the game that seems to have a more widespread appeal to gamers and certain seems to be far better represented on the PS Vita and this PSM title seems to capture the game remarkably well…

The game certainly looks the part with the holes themselves and surrounding scenery fully rendered in 3D making the game look incredibly attractive. The courses vary in difficulty but at no time is this difficulty hampered by the controls which are a joy to use which I’ve always felt are vital with any sports game – if the controls are intuitive then the game itself can appeal to even the most casual of sports fans and this works wonderfully here. What really makes this shine is the longevity. The easier course offers 18 holes which get progressively harder from the simple ones that make grabbing a hole-in-one child’s play to the more complex with jumps, water hazzards and more.

Beyond that, there are three more courses offering a total of 72 holes on play on with up to four players providing a massive amount of social play time. While there’s no online option, it’s a game that you’ll keep coming back to, especially at the price!

Title: Mini Golf Mundo
Developer: EnsenaSoft
Type: Sports
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 030 - Cubixx

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 30. Cubixx

Laughing Jackal have been releasing games for one PlayStation format or another for a number of years now. They’ve turned their hands to tackling most PlayStation platforms whether it’s through the Laughing Jackal or Ghostlight brands and have produced games for the Minis, PSP, PS3, and PS Vita, with many of their Minis being re-released and updated for newer formats. Cubixx is one such title. This PSM port of their Minis game took the original game and enhanced it in almost every way…

The game itself is an update of Taito’s arcade hit Qix – a game that has spawned thousands of clones over the decades. The game itself is simple enough – using the character / craft / object under your control you have to draw a series of lines to section off areas of the playfield which fill in behind you as they are closed off. You complete a level once you have filled in a set percentage of the play area. To stop you there are creatures out to stop you. It’s simple arcade action at its best and it’s no surprise that so many games have been released based on this classic.

Laughing Jackal added their own spin on the format by setting the game on a 3D cube and as you filled in areas of each face, segments are removed revealing an explosive core at the centre. Remove enough and the remaining cube faces disappear, the core explodes and you progress to the next, tougher stage. The basic addictive gameplay remains intact but the five extra playfields adds added depth and strategy to the game and the visuals are a massive step up from the PSPs limited resolution.

While an enhanced version is available for the PS3, I’ve found myself playing this one most out of the three. It’s a simple game but incredibly addictive and perfectly suited to the Vita. Until Laughing Jackal produce a native Vita version of the game, this is a must-have game.

Title: Cubixx
Developer: Laughing Jackal
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

Marvel and Telltale Games

Telltale Games Teams Up With Marvel For New Games Schedules For 2017 Release

On Friday, Telltale games announced via Twitter that they have signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment to bring a new series of games based on an as-yet unnamed Marvel franchise to home systems. While no more details have been forthcoming from the studio, considering their track record with all of their previously licensed titles, this is certainly something to look forward to. The statement made by Telltale on their blog was just as teasing about the deal…

“Announced this evening in San Francisco, we’re excited to reveal an all-new partnership with the incredible team at Marvel Entertainment. We’ll be teaming up on the development of an upcoming Telltale game series project set to premiere in 2017!”

There was no word about the proposed release platforms although at the moment there has still been no confirmation of releases for the PS Vita for Tales From The Borderlands, Game Of Thrones or the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode although we would expect to see all of these in the not-too-distant future.

Dungeon Travelers 2 The Royal Library and the Monster Seal PS Vita

Publisher Atlus Talks About Censorship Of Upcoming JRPG Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal On PS Vita

Set for release in western territories later this year courtesy of NIS America and Atlus, the JRPG Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is not going to be without some controversy for those looking forward to playing this adult-themed game. As has been the case with many of the niche-market games localised by NIS America, it is being censored for a Western audience to ensure that it is being released which still being released with an M rating to satisfy gamers looking forward to the game. But what is Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal?

The kingdom of Romulea is in peril. Monsters are leaking out of every nook and cranny in the land, and to make matters worse, they have started an uprising against humanity. Players take on the role of Fried, an adventurer from the Royal Library sent to stop the uprising. But early in his journey, he discovers a broken shrine along the way. This sets in motion the story of Dungeon Travelers 2, where Fried travels around the kingdom of Romulea, and through rescuing, defeating, or bumping into any of the 16 unique girls that can join his party, Fried is on a mission to save the world! Set in a first-person perspective with turn-based combat, players will encounter normal monsters as well as more powerful mutant girls, who must be sealed away to prevent the spread of the evil monster scourge.

Art That is Sure to Leave a Mark: The hand-drawn art of the girls in your party, as well as the mutant girls who must be defeated breathe scintillating life into the quixotic world of Romulea.

Sealed with Power: Defeating enemies in the dungeon produces Sealbooks, which can give the girls in your party unique bonuses, enchant weapons, or be sold for gold. Deciding how to use
the Sealbooks is a crucial part of the game’s dungeon-crawling aspects.

Turn the Party into a Par-tay: As you explore dungeons, players can trigger sub-events which allow for further character development between Fried and the individual girls in his party.
Favorite girls can even show up in the menus (cosmetically) more often.

Min-maxers’ Delight: Each girl in your party has one of five base classes, from which they can spec into one of several sub-classes, which can be further specialized. For example, a Magic User can become a Sorceress, which can specialize into Magical Princess. Each subclass has its own unique skill-set and corresponding armor/outfit, allowing for intricate tweaks for discerning party managers.

Original Audio: Dungeon Travelers 2 presents the game with English text localized by ATLUS and fully voiced Japanese audio.

With regards to the censorship issue, Atlus have explained that it has been an arduous process to bring the game to the West with as little impact on the game as possible…

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal presented some challenges during the localization process – specifically, adapting some of the fan service content to western sensibilities. Localization by nature requires some changes to be made for content to be understood en masse, which is why ATLUS worked closely with developer AquaPlus to preserve the game’s themes and content to its fullest.”

“In order to comply with restrictions set forth by rating boards, ATLUS made concessions on just four in-game images. On these images, some minor edits were made (and approved by the developer) to adjust the overt graphics to within acceptable ranges for the game’s M-rating.”

“ATLUS is committed to being one of the leading publishers of niche JRPGs, and are very aware of what impact censorship can have on import titles; we are confident that the changes we made to the images in Dungeon Travelers 2 were the least invasive possible to still be eligible for a release in the west.”

“Thematically, the game remains as true as possible to the original Japanese version, including the preservation of the original Japanese audio.”

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 029 - Animals Cross The Line

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 29. Animals: Cross The Line

While gamers my age often spend time reminscing about the classic games of the 80s and 90s, longing for times when gamers were all about gamplay and not about drawn-out stories and graphics, it leaves many of the younger generation somewhat bewildered and thinking that we’re looking at games through rose-tinted glasses. While many games certainly haven’t stood up to the test of time, a lot of these old games have and it’s because of this that so many indie games of late have taken inspiration from these retro masterpieces… although this in turn has lead to something of a revolt against those developers.

It hasn’t stopped many smaller developers from looking back at these retro games and trying their hand at bringing many of them back and adding their own novel twist to them and that’s the case here with Animals: Cross The Line. It’s a fascinating hybrid of games, blending the core gameplay of Konami’s legendary Frogger with the contemporary endless runner genre while wrapping it all up in a Minecraft-esque skin! Sounds bizarre? Well, actually this mash-up is actually a pretty fun game and really breathes new life into the old amphibian. The game has changed somewhat and it’s now presented in isometric 3D looking somewhat reminscent of Minecraft. Instead of a frog, each time you play a new game you take control of a random animal and instead of having to cross a road and river to get to the goal on the other side, it now takes a never ending approach and you just have to survive as long as possible. As well as roads and cars, there are rivers to negotiate, train tracks to cross and if you wait around too long, birds that fly overhead to try to grab hold of you throwing even more chaos into the mix making this one of the most involved versions of Frogger yet!

This plays incredibly well, looks great and has managed to improve on the classic while bringing something new to keep the game feeling fresh and original. I really couldn’t ask for anything more from this!

Title: Animals: Cross The Line
Developer: LostVision Gamestudio
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile Update – 22nd April 2015

Even though the end of PSM draws ever closer, there’s no sign of a slowdown when it comes to new releases as this weeks batch of releases shows. Infact, at the moment there are significantly more games being released for the PS Vita by way of PlayStation Mobile than there are as native PS Vita, PS One or PSP titles combined. Perhaps this is something that Sony should have thought about a little more carefully before axing the platform? Regardless, here’s the latest round-up of new releases and updates.

New Releases

  • 3D Checkers (TTS Software LLC) – fairly self-explanatory!
  • 4Photo Tweet (Matsudamper) – image sharing app for Twitter
  • About Turn (Chair Warming Facility) – puzzle game
  • Appli Archives Extreme Pairon Mobile 4 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives G-mode Karate Spirits (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Block Boy Brick (Mintah) – platform game
  • Dragon Air (Lightning Game Studios) – puzzle game
  • Flabby Sven (Riddle Of The Sands) – nothing to do with our own team member, Sven Harvey(!), just another Flappy Bird clone!
  • Gorillas 3D (Junglingo) – tanks-style game
  • Jewel Crush (Infotronic Games) – match-three puzzle
  • Oh No! Zombies Alive (LostVision Gamestudio) – first person zombie shooter
  • Star Sweeper (LostVision Gamestudio)
  • Stunt Park Infinity (Seth Eislund) – stunt racing game
  • Tanks A Lot (Vanguard Chaos Gaming) – top-down shoot-em-up
  • Totem Topple (Crystalline Green Ltd) – tower defense game


  • Continuous Shooting (Matsudamper)
  • Ele-Mental (Molexendor) – PSTV support added
  • Emil’s Task (Inukage Games)
  • Eternal Interceptor (Team Redherring)
  • Jaggy Race! (Tiziano Bizzini)
  • Miners Of The Sky: Battlefront (S3FR0)
  • MUSYNC (Inferno)
  • Spirit Level (Matsudamper)
  • Tribute (Simone Serra)
100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 028 - Chimpact

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 28. Chimpact

I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than spending an afternoon hurling innocent monkeys around through trees – occasionally at bananas but more often than not head-first into the nearest tree or obstacle before watching them plummet to the ground… okay, so it’s not everyone, it must just be me! Well, if I’m not the only one, then Chimpact may just be the game for you…!

Stripping the game down to basics, it’s a visually stunning platform puzzler where you take control of one of a group of chimps who have to climb up through branches of a series of trees to be reunited with his (or her) family awaiting them at the tree top. Despite their inherent agility and wonderous climbing skills, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds as the only way you can make your way up is by using the unusually elasticated branches and leaves you find on your way up and using them to catapault the hapless simian upwards.

Along the way you can aim your chimp into bunches of bananas for bonus points while ensuring that your hairy friend avoids all of the obstacles and other jungle creatures that are in your way so it’s not as easy as it sounds although the game’s learning curve allows you to get to grips with the play style and game’s controls easily enough as you move through the earlier stages.

Visually, the style is incredibly reminiscent of the rendered graphics from Donkey Kong Country (which is no bad thing) but it’s the simple but addictive gameplay and humour that keeps you glued to the game. It’s great fun and will keep you coming back over and over again… what more could you ask for?

Title: Chimpact
Developer: Yippee Entertainment
Type: Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: No


The Truth About The 3000 Series Vita

For the last 24 hours there has been a media frenzy regarding the PS Vita. It’s rare these days to see not only the PS Vita community but the wider gaming press so interested in our favourite console but the reports of a trademark application being submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment for a new incarnation of the PS Vita was far too tempting a news story for the wider games industry to ignore and excitement about the console grew considerably.

Sadly, all is not as it seems and the rumours of a brand new 3000-series PS Vita have turned out to be just that – rumours. The excitement was understandable – the Vita’s predecessor, the PSP, underwent several revisions in its lifespan and the Vita is already onto its second incarnation so it wasn’t unlikely that we would see a new model at some point but on closer examination the reports weren’t as positive as they first seemed.

While some doubted the date of the submission of the trademark application (1st April 2015), this wasn’t unusual for Japan as it marks the start of the financial year but what was important was the nature of the trademark application itself. Most assumed that the application was for a new console but in fact the application was a design “positional trademark”. This differs greatly from a full design trademark and looking closely at the released image and accompanying trademark submissions you will understand why. Simultaneously with the Vita submission was one for the DualShock. Specifically, in both cases, the trademark applications referred to the specific positions of the cross, square, circle and triangle buttons on a controller.

The illustrations for both were not for new hardware, controllers or consoles but were for illustrative purposes and to highlight the locations of the buttons in relation to the DualShock (both DS3 and DS4) and the Vita itself and it’s for this reason why the diagram that was used of the Vita was that of the original 1000 series (specifically the 3G model). Looking at both of the trademark documents themselves, the only part of the artwork that has not been ghosted out are the buttons themselves.

While this is certainly a disappointment to many who were expecting to hear news of a new PS Vita no doubt announced at E3 in a few months time, it doesn’t meant that there won’t be another model of the PS Vita released in the future but this trademark sadly isn’t it.

Maze In Space PS Vita

Maze In Space Heading To PS Vita

Indie developer CaveBrave is set to bring their debut puzzle game Maze In Space to the PS Vita shortly. Maxim Fefilov, from CaveBrave, explains more about the upcoming title…

“Our game, as a time-killer, designed to take a gamer for a exciting experience, familiar to all of us since childhood: Holding the ball through the maze, avoiding dangerous holes.
We certainly could make huge amount of plastic boxes and sell them on the subway for 15 pennies apiece, but, as you know, progress is not standing still. Progress progresses, mutate, and sometimes does steps aside. So we have chosen these winding paths, using a gyroscope of a PS Vita and sending our maze into space.

Digital world opens much more opportunities for a maze creator. For example, you can make an interesting plot, add the ability to shoot and – of course – smart and strong enemies.

We are limited to the traditional gameplay variety of mazes for a while. Some labyrinths you will play against time, in some – to collect the required items or search button to remove this or that, but always a goddamn wall.

In fact, with the proper skill in the use of this console the game can be completed in half an hour. On the other hand, how can it be considered completed until you gather three stars in each level by the power of the Total Coin Robbery?

We hope you like the music that we decided to put in this little project. In general, it seems to me, we have collected a decent game with pretty decent lebel design, decent unity code and decent music with obvious goals and clear interface. So we are waiting for when it will be on sale. I hope that any of you will join us in this expectation.”

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 027 - Super Tank Poker

100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 27. Super Tank Poker

I will absolutely, positively flatly refuse to make any mention of the fact that Super Tank Poker bears any resemblance whatsoever to Nintendo’s Advance Wars. Any similarities between the games must be in my imagination… allegedly. Okay, so that’s the legal bit out of the way, you’ve no doubt guessed what type of Real Time Strategy game that Super Tank Poker is but Thomas Hopper has – as always – managed to add his own unique twist to the game.

The game plays over a series of combat arenas spanning a large island and progressing through the game involves taking on tougher and tougher missions, each one dealing with more and more adversaries. What makes Super Tank Poker different is the combat itself. Once your units are in attacking range, the game shifts to both sides playing a hand of poker, and the chips that are in play represent your units of health at risk. The more chips you bet, the more damage (potentially) that you deal against your opponent and that you can potentially recover for the attacking unit. While it’s not the strongest poker game around, the battles really do add a whole new dimension to the RTS genre and makes the game feel fresh and stand out from the crowd.

Title: Super Tank Poker
Developer: TACS Games
Type: RTS
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes