Pix The Cat PS Vita

Game Review: Pix The Cat (PS Vita)

Pix is a cat, a very hungry cat.  He’s hungry for ducks, and he has come up with a devious method of capturing them.  By walking past eggs, he breaks them open and the hatched ducklings latch on to him as their new mother.  Then he can lead them to a series of cunningly prepared individual traps.  Once he has done this he can ascend or descend to another level of the infinite maze that forms his universe, and start again.

Okay, that description is nonsense.  In the tradition of all the best arcade games, Pix the Cat has no discernible plot worth talking about.  It makes no apparent sense at all.  What it does have however, is addictive arcade action in spades. Make no mistake, this is a great game that is perfect on Vita.

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Poltergeist A Pixelated Horror PS Vita

Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror Coming To PS Vita Soon

Latin American developer Glitchy Pixel has announced that their retro-insipred horror game, Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror, is set to hit the PS Vita shortly.

Have you ever wondered what it feels to be a ghostly being? You have always lived happily in your manor. A manor that you managed to obtain with a lot of hard work and many personal sacrifices. Naturally you don’t want anyone else to take care of it, not even in death! But now, after your demise, many tenants have taken over it, and this is intolerable to you. Luckily, your love for your manor has granted you powers that will help you get rid of those pesky individuals. Watch them run and scream, scaring them using your intelligence, wit, and with the use of powers like possessions, spectres, altering objects and more.Have fun and play with the occult… and become a Poltergeist! Poltergeist is a puzzle game in which you are a ghost named Henry B. Knight. In which you will scare the tenants currently living in your house, so you can have some peace at last in the afterlife.

The game was the winner of the “Square Enix Latin American Game Contest 2012″ and the game features:

  • A total of 60 levels. These levels will occur in different time periods of the history of the manor.
  • A variety of powers for you to control in each level: Lifting objects, possessing objects, invoking spectres and more.
  • Original sound and soundtrack for each time period.
  • Enemies, like priests and ghost hunters that will getting in your path of getting rid of everyone inside your manor. This will also include special “boss” characters in each time period.

The game is being released for the PC/Mac/Linux today with the PS Vita version following shortly although the exact date is still to be confirmed.

Vib Ribbon PS One

Game Review: Vib Ribbon (PS One Classics)

Vib Ribbon has been a long time coming to the PS One Classics range. Released back in 2000 and developed by the creator of the classic PaRappa the Rappa, Masaya Matsuura, as with his other games, this was a unique take on the music rhythm games starring a charismatic rabbit, Vibri…

Unusually for the PS One, gamers in the UK and Europe were well served with the game as it was released here as well as in its native Japan but not in the USA, unusually and it’s only now with its release as part of the PS One Classics range that it’s available officially for our American friends. But has it been worth the wait?

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Tiny Troopers Release Date Confirmed

Modern day ‘Cannon Fodder’ clone Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops has a confirmed release date of the 29th October, as confirmed on the EU Playstation Blog.

The game will release for £5.49 or €6.99 in the EU and will be cross-buy and cross-save across PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, although seems a game that would be most at home on the Vita.

The game appears to have a good deal of depth, with various mission types including:

Eliminate All Enemy Targets – Destroy all marked enemy targets, this could include enemy infantry or specific buildings / structures.

Destroy All Vehicles – Destroy all marked vehicles within the specified map.

Destroy Missile Batteries – Destroy all the Missile Batteries within the specified map.

Eliminate Enemy Infantry – Eliminate all the enemy infantry within the specified map.

Protect The Journalists – Escort all friendlies from point A to point B. Should all the group get eliminated, the mission will end in failure.

Destroy Enemy Barracks – Destroy all the enemy infantry barracks within the specified map.

Survival – Survive against wave attacks, including both infantry and zombies!

Timed – Complete various mission objectives in the specified time.

It’s worth noting that for this game, which is based on two mobile games, the Vita version comes with all content immediately available and in-app purchases have been stripped away.


Vib Ribbon PS Vita Compatibility Woes

Released on the PSN Store earlier today for the EU market and yesterday in the US, the PS One Classic Vib Ribbon is already causing something of a stir. It is the first time that the game has been available outside of Japan and the EU, but it has now been generating attention from PS Vita owners for the wrong reason…

As with most PS One Classics, the game runs on the PS3, PS Vita and PSP – a fact stated on the web-based and PS3 versions of the store, but when attempting to download the game at the moment Vita owners are being told that the game is not compatible and that the title can not be downloaded – either directly or via a PS3.

Many gamers will have purchased this specifically to run this on a Vita and it is a problem that Sony are aware of and we hope to have an update on this soon. In the meantime, for those of you thinking of getting the game for your Vita we would advise that you wait for further developments.

PlayStation Mobile Logo

PlayStation Mobile Update – 15th October 2014

A few new releases for PlayStation Mobile this week as well as another helping of updates to keep the format healthy once again…

New Releases

  • 1 Chicken 2 Bullets (Blackjack21) – platform shooter
  • Ball Bearing Racer (Gremlin Software) – 3D racer
  • Buzz Words (Cooply Solutions) – educational game
  • Disillusions Manga Horror (Stephen Allen) – 3D horror adventure


  • ARP-BOX – updated to version 1.06
  • Pocket Defense – updated to version 2.01

Finally, as we reported elsewhere on the site, Jaggy Race! has been dropped in price by 50% to just £2.39 in the UK and equivalent price cuts elsewhere across other territories that support PlayStation Mobile.

Jaggy Race PlayStation Mobile

Jaggy Race! Zooms Ahead On The PlayStation Store At A Cut Down Price

Launched for PlayStation Mobile on 10th September 2014 by indie developer Tiziano Bizzini, Jaggy Race! was initially developed for iOS (as jAggy Race) and released in September 2011 by SevenOnly, a two man development team.

Taking inspiration from retro classics from the 80s and 90s, Jaggy Race! is a 3D kart based, gravity defying speed-platform reliant on quick reactions and mastery of speed.


  • 36 unique tracks across 6 themed worlds
  • Direct access to all worlds from the beginning
  • 6 karts to unlock
  • “Turbo-Start” for a faster start
  • “Pro-Mode” to use accelerometers and get more control over your kart
  • “Easy Camera” to get an easier game view
  • 60FPS graphics
  • PlayStation Mobile format developed in Unity to take advantage of the extra performance offered by the PlayStation Vita hardware
  • Sheep! 60 sheep challenges!

Gamers and critics alike have warmed to the game, comparing it to the 80s classic Kickstart and similar racing games.

  • “…those looking for pick-up-and-play driving action should look into this” PS Vita Reviews – 8/10
  • “This is a real gem for PlayStation Mobile – it came out of nowhere and really stands out from the crowd as being one of the best games available for PSM right now.” Vita Player – 9/10

The response to the game has been such that it has also been featured as part of Vita Player’s list of Top 25 PlayStation Mobile games.

To celebrate the game’s critical success amongst the PlayStation Vita online community, the game has now been reduced in price across all territories. The title now retails for £2.39 / €2.99 / $2.99 / 309¥ / AU$4.95 / 3.95 CHF – a reduction of 50%.

The game is available now in the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Network Store and is available for PlayStation Vita only.

Zen Pinball 2 South Park Pinball PS Vita

South Park Pinball Released This Week For PS Vita

Zen Studios is Goin’ Down to South Park this Week for its Next Pinball Experience

Zen Studios, creators of the Zen Pinball and Pinball FX franchises, and South Park Digital Studios announce two pinball tables based on the award-winning TV series. South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball and South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game, will be available this week as Cross Buy for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball brings players to the quiet mountain town of South Park to play alongside Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. Meet up with more beloved characters from the show, including Wendy, Jimmy, Timmy, Chef, Mr. Garrsion, Mr. Hankey and even ManBearPig. Experience events from the series like Cartman’s probe, track down ManBearPig and venture to the mysterious land to the north – Canada!

In South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game, you’ll team up with Butters Stotch to take on the Coon & Friends as Professor Chaos, steal the Future Telling Device from the girls’ sleepover and save Imaginationland as the Chosen One.

The South Park two-table pinball pack launches this week for $4.99/€4,99/£3.99. As with other Zen Pinball tables, the set is Cross Buy between PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 but the set will need to be purchased for the Vita or PS3 to enable Cross Buy for the PS4.



Namco Bandai update ‘Tales of Hearts R’ Day One Release Info

Namco Bandai have provided an update on their Day 1 Release of ‘Tales of Hearts R’.

Day 1 Purchasers of the game, due out 11/14 in US and 14/14 in EU, will receive three exclusive Tales of Vesparia costumes. In addition, pre-orders will net you a further three costumes from the ‘Tales Of’ range of games.

The costumes will also be available for Day 1 digital purchasers as well.

Retail purchasers will also get a ticket offering the chance to win one of five exclusive limited ‘Soma Link’ editions, also including

The Japanese Collector’s Edition as is!
A unique video by ‘Tales of’ producer Hideo Baba for each winner!
A personalised collector’s outer case!

Namco Bandai have also confirmed that the release will be working with PS TV from Day 1.

EP Chain Reaction PlayStation Mobile

Chain Reaction Coming To PlayStation Mobile Next Week

Following their debut PlayStation Mobile release, EP Gem Hunter, EP Games have contacted us to let us know that their second PSM game is hitting the PSN Store next week. EP Chain Reaction is a port of the game already available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and OUYA and is fast paced arcade puzzler.

Using the Vita’s touch screen, you are faced with particles that can be destroyed with a single touch, each triggering a chain reaction detonating any other particles that come into contact with their resulting explosions. Your aim? Create the largest possible chain reactions you can. Sounds simple enough but from early impressions it looks like it could be a fun diversion.


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