Is The PSTV Better Than The PlayStation Classic?

PlayStation Classic Limitations

While the PlayStation Classic is a good machine, it has its drawbacks. It is only shipping with 20 games from Sony’s extensive catalogue of original PlayStation titles, and despite coming with two replica controllers, these are the original non-analogue design. With the games, Sony have confirmed that the console will not be expandable with extra games, nor can it use third party controllers.

In terms of the included games, that does mean that Sony need to get these right. The initial balance looks good but with such a diverse range there needs to be something for everyone. Opting to offer digital only joypads rules out a lot of classic titles for the console as well. We do get the impression that the hardware will have some form of protection to stock it from being modded to add additional games. Owners have modded the SNES and NES Minis and that has increased their appeal amongst hardcore gamers.

Despite their technical drawbacks, ATGames have offered anything upwards of 100 games on their Sega and Atari consoles. Limiting systems to 20 and 30 games as Nintendo and Sony have is frustrating for players. Many forget the reasons behind this decision though. Not only are there costs involved with licensing games for inclusion but also costs for internal storage. With the typical size of PSOne being several hundred Mb or more it is understandable in this instance to keep costs down. Combining both, we doubt that people would be happy with a £100+ price tag for a retro system.

So Why Choose The PlayStation TV?

The PSTV is a very underrated machine. Yes, it allows PS Vita games to be used on a standard television but it’s more than that. The experience of playing many Vita titles on the big screen changes dramatically when used that way. Exclusive games like Killzone Mercenary suddenly feel like their console counterparts. Others were enhanced offering multiplayer options or even increased screen resolutions.

That’s all well and good but what does that have to do with replacing the PlayStation Classic? One of the Vita’s strengths is its capacity to run legacy games – PSP and PSOne games downloadable from the PlayStation Store. As the PSTV is essentially a PlayStation Vita, the same applies here. With over 150 original PlayStation titles available from the Store, more than double that for the PSP and native Vita games, the PSTV offers an incredible line up. With multiplayer support including the use of analogue controllers you can begin to see the immediate benefits the PlayStation TV offers over the PlayStation Classic.


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