Football games – what choice is there for PS Vita players?

As a game, it scores well – you really do feel like you’re playing football! You can use the front touch for passing and the rear touch for shooting, but these features can be turned off is you choose to do so. But if you’re looking for something different from previous versions of FIFA – FIFA FOOTBALL, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 – you’re not really going to find it in FIFA 15. Basically, all the versions are pretty similar. And all the previous versions mentioned above feature online multiplayer and don’t cost as much to buy.

A beginner to the world of football video games wouldn’t be disappointed with the PS Vita version of FIFA 15, but for anyone who’s already experienced the previous generations of FIFA or who plays FIFA 15 on another system, they’re likely to feel a little short-changed by the PS Vita version.

Passing Time PlayStation Mobile 03

Beyond the FIFA series, for those of you still in need of a football fix on the go what choice do you have? For something a little quirkly there is Sony’s own Passing Time for PlayStation Mobile  featuring high speed gameplay reminiscent of Sensible Soccer.

Looking to the older releases, from the PS One Classics we have Junior League Soccer from XS Games and on the PSP front is Super Sidekicks from SNK Playmore (although this is a NEOGEO title running under emulation so doesn’t use the full power of the PSP, let alone the PS Vita) so the choice is limited for contemporary games.

Those who prefer the management side of games are better catered for with games in the Minis, PSP and Vita range with the best of these being Football Manager Classic 2014 from Sega which uniquely offers compatibility with the PC version of the game but one of the real highlights and is also one of the strangest football titles to hit the Vita is the Super League Football table for Zen Pinball 2. Despite being a pinball game, this manages to recreate the feel and atmosphere of football fantastically and is not only a superb pinball table in its own right, but a must-buy game for soccer fans as well.

Super League Football PS Vita 07

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