Battle of the Handhelds – PS Vita vs Nintendo Switch Lite

Uncharted Golden Abyss PS Vita 11

AAA Games

The Vita promised so much from the start, and to be honest initially it delivered. Uncharted, Wipeout, Need For Speed – all top titles. But within a year or so the AAA games started to dry up leaving the smaller studios to take the lead.

In contrast the Switch Lite is getting a plethora of first and third party games. While some of the bigger games don’t make it, there are still ample new titles to keep most happy. And that’s before we look at Nintendo’s first party releases and they’ve rarely disappointed with their own offerings.

PS Vita – 2
Switch – 4

Indie Games

When Sony and most AAA publishers gave up on the PS Vita, the indie developer community embraced it. It’s safe to say that the console was kept alive far longer than it should have thanks to smaller studios and its games library is much larger and diverse as a result. Some real gems exist and it’s a paradise for fans of quirky and unique titles.

However, Nintendo made it quite clear from day one that they wanted indie developers to feel at home on the Switch. It’s an ideal platform for smaller games and has embraced the same spirit that made the Vita so special. Many games that graced the Vita have or are being ported and it’s enjoying plenty of its own unique titles as well.

PS Vita – 4
Switch – 5


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