PS Vita port of The Banner Saga cancelled

It’s been confirmed today by the developers Versus Evil, that work on the PlayStation Vita version of their tactical RPG The Banner Saga has been officially cancelled. There has been speculation that this was going to be the case for some time, especially as the PS4 version of the 2014 PC game was released back in January 2016 and there have been delays and rumours continually since then regarding delays and suspensions about its development.

Today’s announcement finally squashes all future hopes for the games arrival as the developers confirm that the project is now dead as you can read in their blog post at

We’re saddened to read this news and – to be quite frank – rather disappointed. With the PS Vita capable of running stunning games such as Soldner X-2, vast RPGs like the Sword Art Online series and far too many diverse titles I could mention here that push the hardware to its absolute limits, I find it hard to believe that the Vita was unable to handle The Banner Saga, even more so when publishers Stoic found no trouble in releasing the game for Android devices. I just hope that this isn’t the start of a trend with developers cutting their losses and canceling planned Vita releases.

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