Physical releases for “Necrosphere Deluxe” almost SOLD OUT on Vita and PS4

Strictly Limited Games have announced a physical release for cult-favorite “Necrosphere Deluxe” released yesterday. VERY LIMITED STOCK LEFT! Here’s the official tweet:

Here is a description of the game:

In Necrosphere Deluxe you play as Terry Cooper, an Agent who just died in an ambush. Instead of going to hell or heaven you land in the Necrosphere, a place where there is nothing – just you waiting in (for?) eternity. But then you hear that there is a possibility to go back to the world of the living. Having nothing to lose, you go out for this dangerous journey and try to escape the Necrosphere!


  • Navigate through never ending mazes and dangerous obstacles by using only two buttons
  • NO FILLER Gameplay
  • Exceptionally hard, you will both love it and hate it
  • Original Soundtrack made by Juliane Andrezzo
  • Short ultra-hard extra story called “Terry’s Dream”
  • Spandex ballet suit

Here’s the trailer:

You’ll be paying $32 of your finest dollars for either the PS4 or the Vita version.

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