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Let’s Fish! Hooked On

A quirky game from Japan, this one surprised us when it landed on the PS Vita. I have no interest in fishing whatsoever but found this anime-styled game incredibly fun, charming and strangely addictive. Let’s Fish! Hooked On proved to be one of those games that didn’t really land with much of a fanfare and is something that a lot of people probably overlooked, but it’s one that it a great catch!

Lets Fish Hooked On PS Vita 09


The FIFA games have had something of a raw deal on the Vita. We haven’t seen a new title released for several years now and while many will argue that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at one point the series delivered a fantastic football experience on the handheld. In their prime the games easily rivalled their console counterparts but the series peaked with FIFA 14 offering the most options, game modes and the most refined version of the gameplay. While there was one final game in the franchise, FIFA 15, this was just a Legacy Edition with an updated player roster, so FIFA 14 is still the best for budding footballers.

Citizens Of Earth

Given the chance, who wouldn’t want to rule the world? Citizens Of Earth from Atlus gave us that very chance putting you in control of the Vice President of the world in this unique RPG. Instead of being a resource management or strategy game, it’s an action and task based RPG. You control our hapless hero as he has to recruit citizens to assist him as he tries to uncover defeat an impending alien invasion. Dry humour, fun cartoon visuals and great turn-based combat make for an entertaining surprise that’s worth seeking out.

Those are some of our favourites, but what about yours?

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