More Final Fantasy Games Compatible With PlayStation TV!

Final Fantasy

In a surprise discovery, it would appear that there are more classic Final Fantasy games that are compatible with the PlayStation TV than Sony Computer Entertainment would have us believe…

Our own tests revealed that only Final Fantasy V through to Final Fantasy X / X-2 were compatible with the PSTV leaving none of the earlier titles or the spin-offs released for the PSP playable. Or so we thought. It now transpires that all three games in the Dissidia series released for the PSP are compatible in the EU although there is a rather unusual way of getting to play them.

To access these, first you need to have downloaded them already using a PS Vita and once your memory card is in the PlayStation TV go to the PSN Store but DON’T open it, just stay on the Live Area screen. Next, return to the PSTV’s home screen (making sure that the Store screen is still present) and select any of the Dissidia games you want to play. At this point you should get the familiar error message that it won’t run.

Close that and move back to the Store screen but instead of opening it, just select the Refresh icon. Once it’s done, keep the screen open and go back and try the game again and it should run normally!

We have tried this with all the other Final Fantasy titles but it only works with these three at present. It does leave us wondering if there are fixes for other games that are on the blocked list so we will be re-evaluating games shortly and reporting back with our findings.

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