To Be or Not to Be a Computer Systems Administrator with Microsoft 70-412 Exam and Exam Dumps

Whenever corporations are opening a systems administrator position, the HR department is flooded with resumes from various professionals. Why? Becoming a systems administrator has become a popular aspiration of many junior or senior specialists who want a well-paid job, where they can develop and have career stability. These professionals take care of the peripheral systems and make sure that everything is working normally. Their work is vital for any organisation and is highly appreciated by top management.

Apart from having a bachelor’s degree, future systems administrators also need various certifications that prove their skills. Passing the Microsoft 70-412 exam which leads to the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 credential represents a big plus in the resume of any applicant who wants to have a competitive edge when applying for any vacancies. Read on and you’ll know how taking 70-480 exam and earning the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification can assist you in getting a position as a systems administrator…

What Skills Do Candidates Need to Pass Microsoft 70-412 Exam?

The Microsoft 70-412 exam is the last in a series of three that tests the candidate’s ability to administer the Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. The other two tests that you need to pass include 70-410 and 70-411. Their topics cover the skills in installing and configuring this Microsoft solution as well as the advanced version of it. All three lead you to getting the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2012 and make the path easier towards a role as a computer systems administrator.

Since the article is devoted to the 70-412 exam, passing this test represents the evidence of your skills and knowledge that show you are ready to assume the following responsibilities in a future workplace:

  • Manage and configure network load balancing clusters and virtual machine movement;
  • Configure network file systems;
  • Act as a business continuity coordinator for IT and have immediate recovery solutions in case of disaster;
  • Configure network services;
  • Dynamically deploy active directory domain services in the organisation;
  • Configure solutions for information protection.

What are the Tasks of a Systems Administrator?

Whenever any hardware component breaks down, the systems administrator is the first person who knows about it. His/her task is to find an immediate solution in the event of an incident and ensure that there are no business disruptions. As such, the job description of a systems administrator usually requires that the employee’s main role is to ensure that the peripheral systems are working properly at all times. Apart from developing a recovery policy, the systems administrator is also responsible for ensuring appropriate backup in case of crisis. Security breaches are some of the incidents that can severely affect any organisation as well and are also a high level responsibility.

Also, identity management is part of this job. Security is extremely important in any corporation. Thus, the person hired in this position should also develop a firm and stable security policy. The systems administrator should make sure that any user’s account has the right permissions according to his/her role in the organization.

What is the Annual Salary of a Systems Administrator?

According to the site, the average salary that a systems administrator can earn in one year is $62k. A junior professional can start from an annual salary of $44k. On the other hand, an expert can expect a high end figure of anything up to $87k per year.

A skilled systems administrator can secure work for almost any company globally, no matter the scale. Some of the companies that offer respectable salaries to systems administrators have included General Dynamics Information Technology Inc, Lockheed Martin Corp, and Booz, Allen, and Hamilton. Northrop Grumman Corporation has been known to pay amongst the highest salaries in the sector, offering up to $73k per year to a professional systems administrator. Although at the opposite end of the scale, the U.S. Air Force offers the lowest pay, offering around $56k per year to a systems administrator.

What Skills Should a Systems Administrator Have?

One of the basic requirements for a systems administrator is to have a bachelor’s degree. The preferred qualification is either in computer science or programming. Also, when a potential candidate adds a master’s degree to his/her resume, the chances to be selected for the job are higher. Passing the Microsoft 70-412 exam helps candidates stand our from the competition and differentiate themselves from other systems administrators who may be applying for the same position. This accreditation helps them demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain and handle the Windows Server 2012 infrastructure.

Pass Microsoft 70-412 Exam and Use Prepaway Training Resources to Succeed

A candidate who succeeds in passing the 70-412 exam proves that he/she can manage and maintain Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in the company they are working in. While the job roles you can apply for when becoming certified involve many responsibilities and bring a number of benefits it is essential to pay enough time and attention to exam preparation.

The learning process to pass the Microsoft 70-412 test can be made easier thanks to the Microsoft website. This provides would-be candidates with various training resources. Candidates can take instructor-led training to learn directly from Microsoft experts learning everything they need to know about Microsoft Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. This training lasts for 5 days and it offers applicants valuable insights on the exam’s questions and answers.

Candidates can also watch exam prep videos and read the books available in Microsoft’s library. This option is excellent for those who don’t have enough time to attend a live training. In doing this you can learn more about the Microsoft 70-412 exam to fit around your own lifestyle and daily routine and it won’t interfere with your current career or personal commitments.

However, apart from Microsoft resources, candidates can increase their chances to ace the exam by downloading free exam dumps and premium bundles offered by Prepaway. Such a bundle for 70-412 test costs $39.97 and allows the students to use a verified file with questions and answers and a training course of 92 lectures. Also, they will receive access to a study guide that helps them understand the exam’s structure better.

The main benefit of these dumps is that they can be used in the VCE Exam Simulator which allows the candidates to have an insight into what is waiting for them on a real assessment. It is a chance to explore the question types, get used to the timing and obtain thorough reviews on the results after taking every mock test using this software.


The Microsoft 70-412 exam is the right choice for those candidates who want to increase their chances to be selected for a job as a systems administrator. This exam validates their knowledge in managing Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. The exam’s structure is elaborate, and students will have to study hard to pass it. However, in addition to using Microsoft resources, candidates can use exam dumps from Prepaway to improve their studying and make this step to their new certification confidently.

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