Three Little-Known Gems for PS Vita

Despite its small, passionate fan base in Japan and the US, Sony’s handheld video game console PlayStation Vita was never considered a commercially successful project – quite the contrary. Its launch coincided with the spread of video games to the mobile market, which may well have been one of the factors that transformed the gambling landscape in a positive way, but it also made devices like PS Vita somewhat redundant. 

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Sony decided to close new subscriptions for PS Vita in July this year. The store remains open for the time being, but no new games will be added anymore, which makes this the perfect time to turn to all those evergreen Vita hits or perhaps, experiment a bit with a few gaming oddities. A fair warning: These three PS Vita titles will keep you glued to the screen for hours!

Sayonara Umihara Kawase+

Umihara Kawase games have a cult following in Japan. However, until recently, they have been virtually unknown in the West. That has begun to change, as several Umihara Kawase titles have been published in Western markets. 

The gameplay of every Umihara Kawase game is the same: The protagonist is a girl with a fishing line looking to catch fish. The fishing line can also be used as a grappling hook to progress through levels, either by overcoming obstacles or grappling onto out-of-reach platforms. 

Sayonara Umihara Kawase+ is a port of the original game with several updates, which include improved graphics and three new characters: younger Umihara, her descendant Noko Yokoyama, and Emiko, her childhood friend.

Soul Sacrifice

For the fans of action role-playing games, Marvelous AQL from Japan created Soul Sacrifice, a game with a fascinating and unique premise. In this game, you have to sacrifice either your allies or your character and body parts to gain access to powerful spells.

Every time you sacrifice a part of your character, you’ll get a potent spell and a harmful condition that is not easy to heal. These “injuries” reduce your defence in the game. The effects will vary, depending on the body part you sacrifice. Forfeit an eyeball, and your character’s field of vision will be reduced, or part with your skin, and your defense will shrink by 50%. 

The trick is that you can’t keep sacrificing the main character’s body parts to infinity as they are a scarce resource. If you decide to sacrifice your allies, you’ll get a bonus for that action. Depending on your choices, you’ll eventually progress to one of the three endings of the game.

Remember there’s Soul Sacrifice Delta, which is bigger and better in basically every way, as it includes most of the content that was released for the original SS later on.


This 2016 indie gem has a distinct artistic design that successfully combines whimsical with a bit of dread. You play a girl who wakes up in another realm and attempts to find her missing family members. 

The game remains popular due to a simple gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to master. It’s an action-adventure dungeon crawler where you need to master weapon swipe and defense as soon as possible. And don’t let enemies combo you, as each attack will do more damage, draining your health quickly

This game is guaranteed to evoke many emotions as you reach its unexpected conclusion.

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